Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Lost In Space

Wormholes are dangerous places, think 19th Century Wild West and you'll be in the ballpark for what it can be like. There are some things you do in wormholes and lots that you don't.

Up there in the top 5 rules of things you do would be:
Fit a probe launcher and carry combat AND core probes
A friend learned the hard way about this a week ago but he also found out that not every wormhole dweller is a merciless killer.

Setting the Scene

Our story starts in null sec where a new appearance in local piqued the interest of those in system. A lone Armageddon was spotted on d-scan but he had not come though either of the gates in the system. He disappeared and reappeared a couple more times before two more joined him in a Slasher and Phoenix respectively.

Caldari "Brick", the Phoenox Dreadnought
It was obvious that they were visiting via the wormhole that had appeared in system so a small welcoming committee was assembled and warped to the wormhole. 

Holding his cloak he sees the Phoenix jump through and align to a celestial when the Slasher uncloaks and webs the Phoenix to speed up its entry to warp speed. The Phoenix warps off and this is where Kiatae makes a critical mistake, as he admits.

Instead of moving to a point around 50km off of the wormhole in alignment with the celestial he remains on the wormhole whilst a friend, in another interdictor, warps at 50km to the same celestial as the Phoenix. The celestial turns out to be a POCO in the null sec system and on landing the Pheonix is 50km off him so he burns at him but isn't able to get in bubble range before the Pheonix warps back to the wormhole.

He warped to the wormhole and beat the Phoenix to it but launching a bubble with the dreadnought in warp would not do anything so he jumps through into wormhole space.

The Land of Bob

After the transition he saw the pheonix jump into the wormhole with the slasher and then he heard one of the most troublesome noises in EVE (wait, EVE has sound!). He heard the noise of the wormhole collapsing and it disappeared from the grid.

Like the EVE Online Forums, can contain Scum and Villainy
Kiatae was now stuck with hostile forces nearby.

For the next hour he warped around the system avoiding the pursing fleet comprised of cruisers, battlecruisers and assigned fighters. He managed to kill a Slasher and a Crow with a Stilleto taken to 3% structure before he had to bug out when the pursing gang landed 20km from him.


Eventually the pursuit stopped and he was able to safe up. it was then he took stock of his situation and realised he had no way to get out of this system. He had only two options available to him:
  1. Self-destruct his ship and pod
  2. Ask for help in Local/EVE Online Forums

Option 1 was not an option, he didn't mind losing the ship but his implants were not something he wanted to lose. Option 2 was trickier, with hostiles in the same system he didn't trust them to help him.

So he posted to the EVE Online forums where he got more people chuckling and pointing out his mistakes than any real help.


It must have been the two kills that meant that Bob looked upon Kiatae's predicament and decided that he would let salvation come, not in the form of death, but in the form of a roaming gang of YARRR and CO

Kiatae asked in local for assistance and YARRR and CO obliged by giving him a wormhole exit to low sec that he used. Kiatae, grateful after being stuck in the wormhole for 3 days, offered up 200m ISK as a thank you.

He then made it out to low sec and, slowly, made his way home after his adventure in wormhole space.


It appears that Karma struck the residents of J124942 for their attempts to kill Kiatae as on the 30th September they lost a small mining operation (2 retrievers, a Miasmos and all capsules) to a roaming gang of Grand Sky Wizards.

Bob was not impressed J124942 residents, not impressed at all and he reigned vengeance upon you...

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