Thursday, 2 October 2014

Beyond the Rim

Lighting the Blue Touchpaper

Are you the type of EVE Online Player who:
  • only logs in to update skills 
  • spin your ships in station
  • complains that [change] is terrible and should be stopped
  • you believe CCP Fozzie/Greyscale/"Insert Name" is ruining your game and should be fired
  • Posts nothing but thinly veiled attacks at anyone who attempts constructive posts on the Official Forums
  • cannot say anything about EVE Online in a positive way

If so, please it is time to pass Beyond the Rim. Consign your character to Doomheim and fuck off to World of Tanks or whatever game you're playing instead of EVE. If playing EVE makes you so negative and angry then please, door is to your left please allow it to hit you on the arse as you leave.

Don't come back either.

Perhaps it is time for all the original and older players who aren't adapting or are resistant to change to move on and to leave the younger characters to fill the void by learning and advancing to replace those that do leave. Without these bitter vets consistently beating them down either in-game or via the Official Forums, I think the game could be considerably better off.

There are certainly a number of these types of player that I think are detrimental to the game and I wouldn't be sad to see them leave. I'd even go so far to say CCP wouldn't miss them either, any players over a couple of years old can easily make enough income a month in-game to PLEX their accounts and not use real money.

Even Endie of Pirate Zombie Ninja Monkey agrees that New Players are needed but replace the old with the new will be better than just adding new players who will last only weeks. We need to weed out the bad players, the ones who contribute nothing but negativity to the game WE love.

The Threadnaught Is Off!

This thread on the EVE Online Forums continues, its over 154 pages of comment so far on the devblog about the jump changes in Phase One. 

Some constructive, some asking for clarification but more than anything else there are threats to quit EVE, people happy that the changes will bring back the "EVE of Old" and quite a bit of sniping between people who obviously have no respect for each other and just want to see a people get angry over pixels.

I'd wager a dollar that the Jump Timers aren't so much an issue as the slashing of the Jump Range, especially for Jump Freighters/Capital Industrial Ships. 

But the posts are pretty much what I expected and I even made a post about my own investigations into the changes and how they would effect me. 

Even I'm not sure, right now, whether I could remain where I am in NPC Null if I had to change my logistics to match the basic investigation I've done. I'd probably need four accounts just for cyno characters to do in 11 jumps what I can do in 2 now. 

But that's for another post...

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