Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Oh My God, They Killed Me

There was a mass disconnection on Sunday that cost me a ship, at first I was pissed at myself but then I looked into my channels and saw no-one else and then it was Bex asking if I'd been disconnected too that I realised it was something I could petition.

Those damn angel rats managed to kill my Paladin in Angel Extravaganza whilst disconnected, the bastion module when active prevents all warping and this includes emergency warp. Unfortunately I wasn't able to kill enough of the incoming DPS before I disconnected to survive.

I've petitioned the loss and am yet to hear back but I hope it will be reimbursed, loot fairy was kind and dropped my deadspace repair module and nano membrane but the cost of the hull and other mods would mean a drop in wallet value.

Until I hear back on the petition I'm not doing much with the character and the insurance and modules I received aren't being spent/reused as I'm positive I will receive my ship back.

My CEO hasn't spotted it yet, at least if he has seen the loss he hasn't said anything, but this is one of the few times I've lost a ship that wasn't my fault. Honest.

I'll write an update about when I do hear back about the loss.

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