Friday, 10 October 2014


Having been watching the threadnaught and the lack of responses from CCP I made the decision on Wednesday to pack up as much of my NPC Null assets as I could and move it to a mid-point system that would be much easier to access them from.

I sorted through my assets and used General Freight or Station Containers to sort them to make things a little easier when deciding what to move and what to leave. Modules and ships would mostly be left, I could use an alt to seed whatever I had to market and sell once Phoebe was deployed and I should make a nice profit over my normal prices.

30 minutes before downtime last night I started packing ships into carriers and my rorqual so at least they were ready for when I needed to move them.

Then I awoke to this.

It's always the way though, just as you finish pacing for a trip you remember something you missed or find out that plans have changed and you don't need the kitchen sink or that extra pair of socks.

My wife looked on incredulous as I whooped and jumped around the house this morning after reading that Jump Freighters will be getting a maximum jump range of 10ly instead of the 5ly that was originally announced.

It seems that public opinion and comment has swayed CCP somewhat and the small industrialist who does their own logistics has certainly come out the biggest winner. 

I've already been checking jump routes and whilst I'll need to add new mid-points this is much easier to do by moving existing cyno characters than create new accounts and setup new characters just for this purpose.

It's a Happy Friday around here today and I'm going to enjoy it by trolling my friend Cracker.


  1. The death clone nerf is still gonna suck. For regular routes you can pre-postition toons if you have enough, but for Black Frog and Push it's still gonna suck.

  2. I'm going to spend some training time over the next couple of weeks getting all my cyno toons to Cyno Theory V and Infomorph Psych IV at the very least.

    I am confident that I'll still be able to ship materials in/out without too much more bother. Increased fuel costs are the only issue I'll face, at least I hope I face.

    1. Why bother with Cyno V?? It only saves you 50 ozone and what ship is that toon going to fly that can fit a covert ops cyno? Cyno IV is good enough as it does away with the need for cargo expanders. I would trade the Cyno V time for Infomorph Sync IV and take 4 hours off the jump clone timer.

    2. CT V is probably due to my need for finishing skills but the 50 unit saving is very useful because at anything but level 5 I need cargo expanders to be able to hold the fuel.

    3. All my cyno toons only have Cyno IV and I use plain rookie ships with a cyno and 300 ozone. No expanders needed. Those are velators and reapers, I don't know about Amarr or Caldari rookie ships as I've never tried them.

    4. Amarr need expanders, that is what my characters backgrounds are so its my fault but AMARR VICTOR :D

      You "use plain rookie ships", does that mean you're coming back? :)

  3. A random meta-thought I had today at work: One of the more well-known events in EVE is 'Burn Jita' - and I can vividly remember Mittani's wonderful speech about the stabbing the 'beating heart of hi-sec' and so on.

    Fast forward to yesterweek, and suddenly null-seccers have the chance to actually destroy (or at least diminish) Jita as main trading hub - simply by making it irrelevant because it suddenly would be too far away from everything interesting for the now-hobbled legs of the logistics pilots.

    Yet that is apparently not what people /really/ want.

    (I know, there are more layers and aspects to logistics - I just focused on one here)