Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Status Report: Still Undecided, Still Procrastinating

Jump Changes, Again

A lot of people seem to like the changes with the exception of the jump range change. I'm not going to rattle off the details of that, if you don't know what it is read the devblog, refer to my last couple of posts and read this thread.

But I did post to the forums, twice, over the weekend.

I've said before that I'm not a fan of the EVE Online forums, its a hive of scum and villainy, to use an apt Star Wars quotation but there are occasionally good stuff to read and the recent Jump Drive changes certainly have stirred the population into commenting.

All I got in return for my posts were two likes and what appeared to be total ignorance of what I'd written At least I wasn't trolled I guess but I'm not sure my plea for review was seen by anyone in CCP. Apparently CCP Greyscale stopped reading the thread around the 200th page, I don't know if that's true but I hope not.

I've been watching my reading list quite closely, as I was away over the weekend, seeing what is being written is a good "finger in the air" indicator of how controversial something may or may not be. 

Jump Changes seem to be very controversial, certainly a lot written and I'd say most has been praising the changes and how they are good with a few bloggers also raising up issues regarding the range changes and how maybe that needs a review or delay.

I'm hoping we'll see an update from CCP Greyscale in the next week over the changes and whether he has been swayed by any of the arguments people have posted.

Undecided, Still

Perhaps in time I would be able to source what I need locally but that would take time and a lot of networking to achieve and with less than two months until Phoebe is deployed I do not see that as happening.

I still don't know what I'm going to do if the changes to the range do come in. I definitely will not be able to continue my null sec manufacturing or market seeding as I am now. So I'll need to work out what to do and where to do it.

Continuing Our Missions

I have decided, regardless as to whether I move out of my null home, that I will retain a couple of clones and ships in several systems so I can make use of the L4 missioning agents I have cultivated. Dumping these would be stupid and I can still farm the LP and then use other methods (such as Interceptors) to move any LP rewards I claim to high sec).

Moving To A New Home Base

I have identified a new home for myself in high sec where I'd be able to base myself and I spent a little time on the Monday public holiday moving ships and other assets there. Research and Invention will be moved here when the last of my blueprints have finished their current work (about two weeks from today)

Did we forgot anything?
It was not at all fun doing nearly two hundred jumps in a Freighter and Deep Space Transports but at least its done now and I finally see all my assets in one place.

Remembering Those That May Leave

Speaking to friends I've made in EVE Online most will remain in the game but a few, those in deep null sec or who run a large manufacturing operation, have indicated that the coming changes will be too much for them and they will be finally hanging up their capsule and leaving.

I can understand their position and most have already said they'll be moving to other games or will dedicate themselves to real life pursuits for the foreseeable future.

And yes, I've already asked if I can have their stuff. I can't repeat what they all told me :(


  1. I admit, I'm a bit torn about the Jump Drive changes. On the one hand, as mainly (bad) sub-cap pilot, I welcome them. On the other hand, I have enough imagination to feel the pain of logistics pilots everywhere (I'm less sympathetic to the cries of owners of ├╝ber-pwn mobiles).

    If these changes go forward, EVE gameplay outside of hi-sec might significantly change (though not overnight), and it would take a while a while to see if it is for the better. And maybe it would be a good thing if the old capital guard really did quit in disgust, to make space for newcomers who can still adapt.

    1. I commented, in jest, to my CEO just the other day that I still had nightmares from 2011 when PL jumped 20+ titans in KBP7-G when they took the system. It was both demoralising but fascinating at the same time. :)

      The changes won't get rid of the capital blob, they'll still be there only they won't be able to use a cyno to appear from so far away. Instead they'll need to be escorted (as they should) via gates to either the target system or somewhere within jump range so they can just cyno in as needed.

      Either way, they'll need protection and more chance of being seen but they'll still be there and as a result not that much will change.

      But will we instead see several smaller entities nibble at the space larger ones have, carving out their own territory? Who knows, that would be good to see or better still, be part of.

    2. Your last paragraph is, I think, what CCP wants to get to, and I would not be surprised if some of the 0.0 emperors think the same.

      And flying escort for capitals can be quite a team-building thing: one of my more persistent memories as a nublet is escorting some freighters through 0.0 (that's then I learned the web-to-warp trick) back when JFs were still a rarity.

  2. Each region should have some form of market especially in null sec, total importation is not the solution you have to produce *some* of what you need. I'd really like more control over who i can sell to and what my local taxes/fees are but I'm happy that I can at least sell locally.

    What I don't like is the fact that all that I need cannot be bought or even sourced locally. Hafnium is abundate but is controlled by large power blocs, same as mercury and other R32/R64's. So I have to import those.

    T2 materials aren't made at all here aside for private use, there just is no market and I don't know how to stimulate that market considering I have contacts but I'm red/hostile to all of them.


    Escorts were something I'd be part of or ask for when I was in Providence. Didn't need much, just a few combat ships of frigates and BC's to scare off potential troublemakers along with one or two webbing ships to speed us to warp.