Friday, 10 October 2014

Undocumented Feature

More Waaaagh!

I received another invite to join the POS Bash Crew from last time, they'd found a new C1 with a Dark Blood Tower that was full of modules and very little defensive modules.

There was a little change to the plan, a mid-week assault would hopefully result in the tower coming out of reinforcement on Saturday rather than Sunday. So we assembled again and Oracles, Ishtars and Navy Vexors started to dismantle the defences and then, in just under three hours, reinforce the tower.

Which had just over 14 hours of Stront in it. Oh we weren't expecting that and its during the day Australian time so I won't be able to be there but there were other, more committed, people who would.


This morning I login to EVE and Bex sends me a message, turns out that overnight the POS owners have been able to deploy and online around 40 new guns. As Trinkets Friend puts it on his blog:

Suddenly a cakewalk turned into a fucking joke

I was in another POS bash some time ago where something similar happened but I can't remember what happened but I think we did have enough pilots to ignore the small number of new guns and obliterated the tower regardless.

But seriously, is this a bug or a feature because this royally pissed off not just me but every member that had wasted an evening reinforcing the tower. It's in a C1 so we cannot get battleships or cpaitals in there to assist,m any sub-capitals will be seriously under fire and we'll need far more logi than we have pilots to ensure we survive.

Read Trinkets blog post on it and I can't agree more with what he says. It's a fucking joke, CCP can add new features but will not fix obvious bugs within their own the code that are causing game-breaking issues. Hell I'd go so far as to say the POS owners are cheating by using a broken mechanic to defend a POS they should have properly setup in the first place (with more than 8 guns, 1 web and 1 warp disruptor).

Unfortunately due to this the POS bash is off and the defenders have been rewarded for their defensive stupidity thanks to bugs in code.


  1. Since you and Trinkets Friend both say it's a bug, what bug/broken mechanic are you talking about?

  2. Bugger, I never actually said.

    The issue is when you reinforce a tower the owner can then deploy and online additional guns so yesterday we incapped 8 guns only to see this morning they'd onlined another 40 guns overnight. All active and loaded with ammo.

    You can't online any module that uses CPU but guns don't use CPU just PG so they can be.

    This is clearly a bug, the tower is incapacitated and as a result no CPU for modules, you can't access CHA's or SMA's (i believe) so you shouldn't rightly be able to online new weaponary.

  3. I always thought this was a stupid feature (because missiles require CPU) but not a bug. You can't access the CHA but you can access the SMA.

    What can we do during reinforced mode?
    Structures that require CPU to operate will go offline, but structures that do not require CPU will continue to operate. You can still target and remote repair defensive structures that are not inside the force field of the control tower and attempt to bring them online. Additionally, you may anchor structures at the control tower during reinforced mode.

    Usually you anchor all those defensive modules in advance and then online them as needed. You can even online guns the moment another one is incapped so having twice as many guns on your POS as needed is still useful.