Sunday, 12 October 2014

I Did Not Know That: Capital Navigation

There are UI windows in EVE that even now I'm discovering and finding a use for and what I found today, thanks to a post on Reddit, 

Capital Navigation

Capital Ships can use cynos, be they from a ship with a Cynosural Field Generator module or the Jump Beacon anchorable sov module, and the typical method of using these is to right click on the capacitor and then select the  jump to -> <name> (<system>) menu item.

The downsides to this are many not least that it can take a second or two for the menu items to appear and be populated not to mention the right click method is a little fiddly. But never fear, the EVE UI is here to help.

Let me present the Capital Navigation window:

Capital Navigation window showing all nearby beacons
You have to be sitting in a jump capable ship for the tabs to populate but once they do you'll see all systems around you that you can potentially jump too as well as those within range of your ship. 

A very useful window and one I've added to the short cuts for ALL my jump capable pilots.

I'm tempted to evemail this pilot and let him know, it could have saved him but then again being a member of Yulai Federation they do only have the one brain and he didn't have it that day.

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