Sunday, 12 October 2014

Phoebe Features

Titans have been given to every active player on SiSi for the last couple of days so I've spent some very enjoyable time there killing myself with an Avatar. My main has lost twenty two Archons and an Ark to my doomsday trigger happy booster alt and I loved every minute of it. I even managed to see how resistance modules can help save a carrier from a doomsday.

Fun aside I also got to see some of the new features that have been announced for the Phoebe expansion being released on November 4th. Highlights I think you'll be interested in are:

Long Distance Travel Changes

I've posted, at length, about the changes and how I did not like the jump range nerf in relation to JF's but everything else I liked and thought was good. With the JF's now getting a maximum range increase to 10ly instead of the 5ly all other (except CIS and Blops) get I'm totally happy about these changes.

Force Projection will be less of an issue and hopefully it will see some of the larger entities in EVE having to reship and focus more on being able to defend what they have rather than expand and take from others. At least for the the time being.

For full details on the changes please read this devblog and this associated forum thread.

Unlimited Skill Queue

This has appeared, at least to me, quite out of the blue without any fanfare.

Since 2009 all characters have been limited to having a skill queue limit of 24 hours, meaning you could only queue 24 hours or more worth of training at a time. Often it has been asked to increase this or remove the limiation to no avail but now we find that in Phoebe CCP will be removing this limit for all non-trial accounts.

Officially the change is "To help people temporarily lacking access to an EVE client and generally remove annoyance" but whatever the reason this is could be the best new feature of Phoebe. 

Multi Sell

Another feature without much fanfare and has just appeared, after initially being teased by CCP on Twitter.

You will now be able to select multiple items and select to sell them, which will then present a new UI dialogue that will allow you to customise pricing and verify the details of what you want to sell.

The SiSi version of this is very unpolished and looks like its still underdevelopment but the functionality is there and it will be very useful once complete but I'm in agreement with MoxNix in regard to this, it would be better if they'd devote resources to fix the issues with the market UI at the moment rather than add something new and totally different.

Sensor Overlay and Bookmarks in Space

A major overhaul of the Sensor overlay and the introduction of, the previously announced, bookmarks in space.

These changes are on SiSi and take some getting used to. There is a lot more information appearing in space now and fortunately you can turn it on/off but systems full of bookmarks certainly look a lot more hectic.

Read this devblog for full details and if you haven't got SiSi setup get it done so you don't get a surprise when Phoebe hits.

New Invention and Reverse Engineering

I've summarised the changes in a previous post and whereas a couple of friends are uneasy about the change I think the simplification of the Invention/Reverse Engineering trees will be a good thing and may stimulate the T2/T3 BPC markets with an influx of new BPCs.

And More

There are more features but I've highlighted what I think are the best, have a read of the feature set announcement and let me know what you think in comments.

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