Wednesday, 29 October 2014

What If

Imagine you're doing your evening routine, managing your tower setup, reading chat channels speaking to friends when you receive a conversation request from a character whose name you don't immediately recognise but after a check of their notes you realise is the alt of a friend. This person says hello then your wallet blinks and you find yourself with a significantly larger wallet balance.

Aside from thanking the person, what would you do if you received a large amount of ISK with instructions to enjoy it?

This is what happened to me last night, completely unexpectedly and without any warning. My friend had already liquidated their assets and they'd gifted me some but this donation was quite a shock and I'm sure they were laughing at me as I was trying to gather words to thank them.

As a result the Tracker inside jEVEAssets looks like this for my character wallet balance:

Mount St Wallet has arrived. She's gonna blow!
This is the Tracker view of my day-to-day character who received the ISK, as you can see they normally have between 5 and 7 billion ISK in their wallet for use over all my accounts. 


My first thoughts was to invest in PLEX, I already have a sizeable investment and they have given me a good return (5% to 12% depending on when I bought them) on my investment but the more I thought about it the more I realised that this is not the best use of the ISK I've been gifted.

I will be using a small amount to PLEX two of my accounts for the next 3 months and I'll invest a few billion in buying up cheap moon goo materials I need for my reaction towers and be safe in the knowledge that I can stockpile what I make for a while without the need to make frequent JF runs to high sec to sell what I make.

Aside from that I don't know, I could invest in a Super carrier or a quarter/fifth of a Titan but I don't see that as a good idea in the current climate (I've been seeing A LOT of capital characters appearing for sale on the official forums since Phoebe was announced).

Toodlepip o7m8

Lorna Sicling, of the A Scientists Life in EVE, has gone but will no be forgotten. Fortunately I have their RL contact details and when I do return to the UK I shall certainly be heading to the pub for a drink or two with them.

Who knows, I may also join them in Warframe which is showing a lot of promise...

Can I have some of your stuff?

No. It's mine, MINE.

Any similarity to The CEO is intentional


  1. lol if I'd known you were that space poor, I'd have given you some ISK ages ago!

    1. It's funny, I always do enough to have enough to PLEX my accounts or buy what I need. I've just never had so much in my wallet in one go.

      Well, with the exception of one time when I gave you/your corp 23billion ISK ;)

  2. Sure, be selfish and don't hand it out to your 3 faithful readers. Perhaps some task you could assign in exchange for isk instead? :) Although it seems to me you'd rather do things yourself instead of having to trust someone else and delegate?

    Joking aside, besides thanking that person, what could one do with the isk?
    I'd probably spend it on a selection of (capital) skillbooks and perhaps a set of blueprints to build capital components.

    Or use it as startup/investment capital so that in the future you could show that the money was put to good use and multiplied.
    What I see as a waste is spending it all on a pimpfit ship and losing that in an alod just to make sure my name is mentioned on TMC frontpage on how not to spend your isk.

    Perhaps plex investment is the best option in the end. Certainly better as keeping the liquid isk around.