Friday, 10 October 2014

I'm Done

Being British by birth I don't like to complain. I like to make the best of whatever is going on and move on but sometimes, especially if I'm particularly annoyed, I will go on about a subject far longer and tougher than I should.


I'm sorry Dear Reader, but I did this this past week with the Jump Changes that was announced. People whom I chat too are no doubt sick of my analysis, comment and general complaining about it but I have good news.

The change that has come in overnight is sufficient to make me believe I can make a go of things as they will be and as a result I shall no more talk about the Jump Changes and how it makes things bad for me.

Move Along, Nothing To See

I'm very happy to move on from this because after seeing two of my in-game friends say they were leaving I was, until this morning, pretty sure I too would be quitting. So much so that, as I said in my Packing post, I was moving assets to a mid-point so I could redistribute or get easier access later.

My wife would not doubt be happy if I did quit and I know that going "cold turkey" I'd be fine but I probably would never join another MMO or play a game where I'd meet the people I've been honoured to have met in my 4 years in EVE.


I'm using my 2 week reserve of materials at the moment so I'm off to Jita tonight or over the weekend to replenish my tower materials and whilst there I may treat myself to a present for being such a "whinging phom/pom".

Any suggestions as what I could buy/treat myself to whilst in Jita?

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