Monday, 27 October 2014

Status Update

Too Quiet

I've been a little quiet, I'm sorry for those (three people as far as I can tell) who regularly read what I write finding that I haven't been writing. I've actually been enjoying a break from EVE with my family visiting from the UK.

I had intended to continue posting but I've found my time to be rather overused and instead I've been travelling to see more of the country I now call home as well as entertaining my family. Unfortunately tomorrow is their last day here and so I should be back to a somewhat more regular posting schedule.

Paladin Restored

I posted very recently that I'd lost a Paladin during a mission due to an issue with EVE and that I was going to petition the loss. I did and it took a week but the petition was answered and my ship was successfully salvaged.

Unfortunately after I lost the ship I had to jump clone to null sec and when my ship was restored it was located to where my clone currently was and not where the ship was lost. I reported the issue and asked the GM dealing with my case if he could please move the ship back to the system where I lost the ship

I don't know if it was my promise to apply two coats of wax to any restored ship or asking nicely but but the GM did this and and I no longer had to work out how to move my Paladin 52 jumps back to it's current high sec home.

Sadness Continued

A second friend has said they'll be leaving EVE before Phoebe is released, the first still hasn't fully left but as I posted last week they've sold their main character and I know they are in the midst of writing an "Open Letter to CCP" about why they're leaving.

The second person is taking a break, they have said they will be returning but they need to take a break and as a result they wanted to relinquish their towers. Instead I've offered to run them whilst they are absent and I'll reap the benefits (with a monthly tithe to the alliance) until he returns.

Which I'm certain won't be that long :)


So I'm expanding my Reaction Tower setup, at least six more towers will need fuelling but as far as I can see they are self-sufficient and will require no importing of materials from high sec. This is great news and aside from fuel I will have very little expense.

I'm moving a character into my friends corporation in order to take over the towers, it will save a huge amount of time taking down then setting up new towers for a different corporation, I won't own the towers but I'll be responsible for them so if they are lost this is my only liability in this endeavour.

I'm quite happy with that.

Preparing for Phoebe

This week will be busy, I have several JF runs I need to do in order to move assets I no longer need in null sec to high sec for consolidation. I've already consolidated 3 of my 5 characters assets in high sec to one location and a bit of dual boxing freighters will allow me to do the remaining 2 characters well before next weeks release.

Extra fuel has been bought into null sec as well as any additional ships/modules I will be needing. I do need to move my cyno characters to their new locations but that can be done after Phoebe is released and I need to make use of them.

I'm looking forward to Phoebe, the unlimited skill queue along with the jump changes are the two biggest features I'm looking forward too. It's an exiting time to be in EVE Online and the direction we're going, although appearing very bumpy, is certainly going to be good fun to travel.