Monday, 6 October 2014

Conspiracy Theory: Cleaning House

Talking to a friend about how the new jump changes would affect them they mentioned that a corp mate of his had said that the whole purpose of the changes is a ploy by CCP.
CCP are "clean housing" and the changes are enough to affect a large slice of the EVE Online population. Characters, Corporations and Alliances who rely on capital ships more than others will have no choice but to adapt or, CCP are hoping, leave the game removing their influence.

So what would happen if this were true, we could see the fracturing or breakup of the larger alliances. This would allow smaller and more nimble or flexible groups to step up and take their place and instead of the large expanses of space controlled by a single entity, with hundreds in fleet on operations, we would see fiefdoms of two or three systems controlled by smaller groups.

I can't take credit for this but I did find it amusing and, if it was true, would certainly make every prior meta-gaming event in EVE Online pale in comparison. 

In all seriousness I can't see this being a "thing" that CCP would do. They've cancelled World of Darkness, DUST514 isn't doing very well and EVE Legion is not yet ready for release and all that is is DUST514 for the PC with some new bells and whistles and they risk their cash cow, the one product of theirs that actually is generating income?

I don't think they are that careless or misguided. Do you?


  1. I'm starting to believe that these changes will lead to MORE capital use, not less. More because pilots will be able to form up local cap fleets with far less worry that there will be a hostile cap response inbound within a few minutes. Even if a hostile cap fleet is in range, target selection becomes important if you have to jump to the target because every jump is a potential missed opportunity at other targets. With cap gate travel, FC's will be moving fleets via gates to avoid jump issues making interception a possibility in ways it hasn't been before, especially for those really long inter-regional jumps. Geography will become vitally important in a way it hasn't been in a long time. It also provides new stimulus for tactical and strategic thought for veterans who had already worked out all the existing angles. CCP has dramatically increased the complexity for mounting distant operations and inter-regional fighting, which I think will have the effect of revitalizing some of the bitter vet population once they get over the butt-hurt.

    1. Geography will be vital.

      Will we see the contraction of used space leaving the fringes of the EO universe empty and unused with some people at the outer edges but most more in, closer to empire space?

  2. More capital fleets because they are less at risk.
    More capital ships because isk is plenty, time is precious.
    More blues, because you want a safe midpoint. (remember, no more jumping to a safe POS...)

    1. I certainly thinking with the ability to use gates we'll see MORE capital fleets. I don't think we'll see roaming titan gangs but a large group of capitals, with some sub-capital support will be a very viable way of moving around. The odd jump will mean that they can cover larger distances quickly will mean forces will still be highly mobile.

      But the changes will hit the small or medium guy who is doing enough to get started but cannot compete with either pilot numbers or investment and thus has to rely on outside importation.

      At least, that's how it is for me and I've spoken to others near me who believe the same.