Monday, 29 September 2014

The Waaaagh fizzled out

This will be a depressingly short post.

The wormhole operation is complete, It was a one sided battle where the attackers overwhelmed the defenders with some loot recovered.

Reinforcement Time

Scouts had been watching the tower over the weekend and multiple T1 and T2 large bubbles were anchored ensuring the there could be no escape from the tower if anyone did login and think of making a run. 

A ransom, of 3 billion ISK, was formally demanded to stop the assault and for us to leave but no reply or parley was received from the defenders. 

But at some point during the wait for the reinforcement timer to expire someone did login and made the decision to self-destruct the following ships so as to prevent them being looted by our forces:
  • Archon
  • Moros
  • Revelation
  • Orca
  • Sin
  • Armageddon
  • 2 x Legion
  • Dominix
  • 2 x Hulk
  • Primae
  • Numerous additional mining barges, industrials and T1 frigates.

Approximately 12 billion ISK in ships were destroyed with an unknown amount of modules/salvage/materials being put into a Rorqual that was then logged off within the POS.

Scouts will remain, watching for the Rorqual to log on...

The Final Assault

The operation started at 07:30 EVE time on Sunday and was complete by 08:15 EVE time, 12 million Armour and 8 million Structure HP was melted very quickly by a fleet comprised of:

  • Ishtars
  • Vexor Navy Issues
  • Oracles

and it certainly helped that the fleet was four times the size of the one we used on Friday night to reinforce the tower.

The operation was over so quickly that I failed to take screenshots and the two pilots whom were logged in, one in a Manticore, did not attempt to interfere with the remainder of the operation.

*UPDATE* Trinket's Friend has posted a more detailed overview of the POS bash and its worth a read. I didn't think it was my place to release all this information so that's why I haven't gone into as much detail. That said, TF does a much better narrative about this than I would have so have a read.


All incapacitated POS modules bar the Domination Webifiers were killed and any that could be recovered were and about 2.3 billion ISK of loot dropped from the Corporate Hanger Arrays and a couple of ships (including a Nighthawk) were left to be collected.

It wasn't as profitable as recent bashes that have appeared on news sites but for a C1 it was pretty good and all parties were happy with the way things have ended. No word on how the loot will be divided but with only one loss for the whole operation there isn't much need for SRP.

The Final Word

Bex had the final word, typing in local (not the safe POS password as we expected) but a small barb for the defenders who didn't turn up:
12B isk self destructed in hulls
2.3B isk in hard earned stuffs dropping to the loot fairy
Calling your aggressors space rich in local.... priceless.
It was a good bash, lead well and I met some new pilots whom I liked. If there was a report card it would be full of A's with the final comment of "good fun, will work with again".

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  1. Was probably closer to 17bill in stuff they self destructed. I was using a liberated Tayra to scoop what I could and move to our safe pos in system when a bomber decloaked on me, pointed a started shooting me. So naturally I warped off as they were nice enough to fit up the Tayra with 3 Warp Core Stabs. After that attempt they didn't try again to shoot any of us.