Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Expanding the Capital Fleet

I have a number of Capital ships on my characters, the investment in these ships is not inconsiderable and usually I've had to purchase bits over time rather than in one large swoop.

Recently I've found myself in need of a Moros as it provides the best offensive fire power and survivability. It helps too that a lot of my friends have these at their disposal so I've been able to get good example fits to help plan my expenditure.


I've decided on the following fit, it has maximum punch but also should survive all but a counter drop and, of course, I won't be using it solo it will be used in a fleet where I'll have sub-capital and logistics support (hopefully):

Limited Mega Ion Siege Blaster I, Guristas Antimatter Charge XL
Limited Mega Ion Siege Blaster I, Guristas Antimatter Charge XL
Limited Mega Ion Siege Blaster I, Guristas Antimatter Charge XL
Siege Module II

Heavy Capacitor Booster II. Navy Cap Booster 800
Heavy Capacitor Booster II. Navy Cap Booster 800
Sensor Booster II
Tracking Computer II, Tracking Speed Script
Tracking Computer II, Tracking Speed Script

Damage Control II
Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Capital Armor Repairer I
Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer
Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer
Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer

Capital Hybrid Collision Accelerator II
Capital Trimark Armor Pump I
Capital Trimark Armor Pump I

The Mids and Low can be interchangeable and I will make sure to keep a Reactive Armor Hardner and extra Tracking Computers/Tracking Enhancers/Magnetic Field Stabilizer's (using faction modules over 3 is a waste I believe, the benefit is outweighed by the stacking penalty) over handy for quick refits as with carrier support I shouldn't need the Capital Armor Repair

Out of Siege this should put out (with Level V skills) 1598 DPS or 7013 per volley but in Siege it increase to (a quite ridiculous) 15018/65925 using Guristas Antimatter Charge XL.


I wasn't interested in manufacturing my own hull this time, had it been six months ago that would be different and I could use blueprints either I own or my corporation has to make the ship hull myself., but at the moment I wasn't interested in the logistics of getting minerals and manufacturing the parts in my Null sec home.

Distant, mechanical, relative of Slimer from Ghostbusters?
A friend linked that he was selling his T2 fit Moros, that was worth about 3.1b according to Evepraisal, located in Low Sec near to Jita and was asking for offers, after analysing the fit and consulting other contracts on sale I decided to offer 2.5b with an upper limit of 2.75b. I made my offer but unfortunately he didn't come back to me for a few days and in that time I managed to find and purchase a Moros with meta guns from another friend.

Had he come back earlier I would have taken the ship but alas it was another good friend, Grand Visor, who manufactured the ship, meta guns and two of the rigs for me at a price under market value. He was even kinda enough to move it to a system closer to me so I could easily get access to fit it out.

If you're interested in capital ships and are looking for excellent service and competitive prices contact Grand Visor.


I'd already worked out the fit via pyfa and fortunately a lot of the modules I needed I already owned and had stored in my home system but I would need to get a small shopping list of items unfortunately these were reasonably expensive items.

Once I determined what I had and needed my shopping list looked like this:
  • Capital Hybrid Collision Accelerator II x 1
  • Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane x 2
  • Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer x 3
  • Capital Armor Repairer I
  • Guristas Antimatter Charge XL x 10,000 
  • Shadow Antimatter Charge XL x 10,000
  • Antimatter Charge XL x 20,000
  • Navy Cap Booster 800 x 200

All up my shopping list meant I would not be getting much change out of 750m ISK, still a ship deserves the best fit you can afford and so I've bought what I needed and moved it to the ship for fitting.

The ammunition for the guns was the hardest decision I had to make, a lot of people had differing opinions on what to carry and use in various circumstances but the one type always listed was Antimatter. Faction ammo is hard to find and can be expensive but the extra few % damage it provides is worth it.


Aside from extra cap boosters, scripts, stront and extra ammo the one thing I was reminded to keep in the cargohold was a Mobile Cynosural Jammer. You may not need to use it but having one available when in a situation that calls for one is very useful.

Of course in larger fleets this can be delegated to other support ships but it doesn't hurt to be carrying one for those "oh shit" moments when you really need one.


The ship was called "1" when it arrived and I decided this needed to change, I couldn't think of anything I really liked when I was fitting the modules but later I had an epiphany and decided I'd name it after a ship I once saw Grand Visor flying that I loved the name of.

As such, and I couldn't get anyone famous to smash a bottle of Quafe on I so I had to do it myself, I named the ship "Fuzzy Bear Limited".

The name makes me laugh every time I see it and has actual connotations in real life to a nickname I once had in school. I'm probably going to regret mentioning that when my friends see this but what the hell...

Skills To Complete

The pilot of this Moros has, what I'd classify as, basic skills for the ship and its weapons but he is training those now and should, in about 100 days have Gallente Dreadnought V, Capital Hybrid Turret V and all the gunnery support skills to Level V.

He's finishing off the Siege Module skill now so that he can use the Tech 2 version and once he's done that he'll be ready for use and then in about 100 days he'll be maximum skilled in flying this ship and applying the maximum fire power that he can from it.

To Finish 

The skills need some work but the ship is assembled and now in a staging system ready to be called upon when needed.

I'm almost tempted to put up a small tower myself just to have an excuse to get Fuzzy Bear Limited. out and pulverize it.

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