Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Most useless Blueprints?

I nominate the entire Blueprints->Ammunition & Charges->Scripts category.

I can understand the need to have blueprints for these items but I imagine who would actually own one, let alone admit to owning one.

For 99.999999999% of EVE pilots there is no need for these blueprints and any profit from them must be negligible (not that I've checked).

You can't invent from them, there aren't Optimal Range Script II's or Tracking Speed Script II's for you to build, so I can't see the real benefit of owning one. There exist THOUSANDS of them in market hubs, I don't see the need to make your own.

Sure if you're stuck in a WH without a high sec connection or the back end of null being able to manufacture your own would be useful and of course someone has to populate the trade hubs with them.

The requirements to build one make no sense either, minerals are needed to make a script. In what universe do you need minerals and not data scripts or computer output to make something that modifies the working of a module?

It just seems so.... 

Breaking News:

I just realised that I can reprocess scripts to get minerals, not huge amounts but minerals none-the-less. I have hundreds of the bloody things all over New Eden, instead of selling them (or giving them away) I should put them in one place and reprocess them.

Maybe I'll get enough to build something useful, perhaps a drone or Station Door Key...


Not 10 minutes after posting a friend presented me with this screenshot:

Althanear you bastard, I should have known you would at least have one set.


  1. I have script BPO's, they have a decent profit margin and are very easy to build.

  2. Not you as well...

    Seriously looking at them I can see no point in them, sure you can make an item but there are THOUSANDS of them on the market and always there seem to be more.

    Are the profits actually that good?

  3. The margins are very good, if they are worth producing can be discussed.
    Some quick numbers for optimal range script.
    All Jobs Install Cost 32 389.09 ISK
    Manufacture cost one unit : 3 780.04 ISK
    Manufacture cost (All Jobs): 2 268 026.11 ISK

    Minimum sell cost one unit: 3 855.64 ISK
    Current sell price (Jita): 7 746.46 IS

    Market profit one unit: 3 811.49 ISK
    Market profit: 2 286 892.37 ISK

    ISK/h: 67 261.54 ISK
    Profit %: 100.83%
    # of units: 600