Friday, 5 September 2014

[Brainstorm] The Communication Jammer

Ideas that people had come in many weird and wonderful places, who can forget Archimedes who jumped out of the bath yelling "eureka!". I've tonight had an idea for a mobile deployable module that even I can't believe I came up with whilst having an "disagreement" with my two year old son and voila, the idea was formed.


The presence of the Local chat window has been a discussion point since before I joined EVE, it’s a very useful feature that allows, at a glance, the pilot to see who is in their local system. As a chat feature it’s good but as an intelligence feature its invaluable.

With the exception of wormhole space where it is delayed and people in the same system do not appear unless they speak, Local is an invaluable tool for identifying whether or not there are Blue, Reds or Neutrals in system.

Whether you’re in the For, Against or just don’t care group you will see and use Local every day but what if its behaviour and how it works could be changed by a deployable module?

A New Deployable Module

Envisage a module that can be only be deployed within 50km of a jump gate in either low or null sec and, after activation, generates a field with a radius from the centre of the jump gate and has one of the following abilities (selected by the pilot when deploying) and these apply when the vessel enters the effect radius (regardless of whether it is cloaked/just jumped in):
  • the field causes any vessel within a 500/750/1000km radius of the gate to have no list of pilots and to act as though in delayed mode.
  • the field causes any vessel within a 2000km radius of the jump gate to not have any Local chat window functionality for a period of two and a half minutes.

The module would have the following properties:
  • Be single use only with a fixed life of 2 hours
  • Small enough (~50m3) for any a ship of frigate size or larger to carry and deploy
  • Deployment/anchoring time of 60 seconds
  • Only one module could be deployed within gate range at one time
  • Reinforcement timer of 30 or 45 minutes once shield reaches 25%
  • HP: 250,000 Shield, 100,000 Armour and 40,000 Structure with 50/50/50/50 resists


Local would function normally for anyone out of the radius of the module and people entering/leaving would appear/disappear as they currently do however if within the radius of effect the Local window would have the following behaviour:

The first effect would be useful for people just on or off grid who are lying in wait in a cloaked ship whilst the second effect could be very useful for hiding a fleet either in warp to the gate (who'll be landing in a minute or two) or hiding just off-grid but aligned and ready to warp.

Due to the nature of the module it would affect all vessels within any field radius and d-scan would only show results outside of the effect radius. e.g. Any objects within radius do not appear on d-scan results, but outside of this they would appear as normal.

Wish List

I've submitted this to the thread that was asking for ideas for other mobile structures and hopefully it will be seen by someone at CCP. First post on the forums too for my character, if this carries on I may have two posts in a year :)

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