Wednesday, 10 September 2014


On my desktop is an icon for jEVEAssets and once a day I run it and do an Update. When it's complete I see my total value and the Tracker allows me to track my my Wallet ISK, Sell/Buy Orders and Overall Worth.

For nearly twelve months that is all I have used it for.

Yesterday I received a comment from a MoxNix who said:
Use the "Market Orders" tool and sort on "Expires" to find which orders will be expiring soonest. Or sort on "Fullfilled" to find the ones that have been bought out (sell orders) or completed filled (buy orders).
Comments are good and I wish (sometimes) I had more as its one of the best ways of knowing if I'm writing well and things people are intersted in. But just as important is Comments are a great way of finding out new things and this comment was one of the latter.

When I got home last night I loaded jEVEAssets and did an Update but instead of just closing it when done I spent some time investigating the interface and trying what MoxNix suggested. 


Johnny Carson agrees I'm an idiot
How the hell did I not know this, why the hell did I not actually play around in jEVEAssets and properly find out what it could and couldn't do. I mean seriously for eleven years my day job was Testing Applications to find out their functionality and limits and here is an application I haven't even scratched 1% of yet.

I spent two hours playing around with jEVEAssets. I found assets I didn't know I had, I found assets I still had in Providence on characters I haven't logged into for over six months. On one character I found a stack of deadspace items that I really could have done with a month ago when I was fitting a dreadnought.

I'm going to play around some more tonight because there is more to the application than what so far seen. 

Huge Thanks

Best of all, and this is where MoxNix gets a HUGE thank you, I found a new way of tracking my Sell Orders and based on what I now can see I think I'm going to be a lot better at managing my Expired, Completed and Outstanding market orders.

I knew Merchant Monarchy was a great blog, I just never knew MoxNix was the name behind it and, mate, this is for you:

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