Friday, 26 September 2014

Unleash the Navy Vexor Issue of Waaaagh!

Bex asked and I said Yes. It is party time in wormhole space this weekend. There is an eviction operation and general "if not purple shoot it" event happening.

I'm not really a PvP person but in this case its been a while since I've taken part in a POS bash in wormhole space that I'm actually quite looking forward to it. 


I know more about the target than I do some family members because planning has been excellent. As usual Bex has done his research and we have lists of targets, activity information and details of what has been happening in the target wormhole.

Tower vulnerabilities have been identified and weaponry tailed to inflict maximum damage and spots around all towers have been bookmarked ready for use.


Two of my usual compatriots, Bex and Althanear, are once more involved but this time I get to fly with a few people I've not had the pleasure before. 

I am a regular reader of a blog called Localectomy by an Western Australian based EVE player called Trinket's Friend. He writes well and his content is excellent, I've spoken once before to him but this is the first time I'll be working in the same fleet as him and I'm looking forward to it.

New challenges mean more new people to meet in EVE. Gotta love that.

Shipping into Waaaagh Mode

I've decided not to use my "main" characters for this operation and instead I'll be using a former friends character who has 72m skillpoints and has excellent Projectile, Drone and Minmatar/Gallente ship skills. He's not done much for a few months but he's got the skills needed for this operation so out of stasis he comes.

Awake after a long sleep
My first choice for a POS Bashing ship would be an Oracle but he can't fly this so looking down the list of ships I see the Navy Vexor Issue using Sentry Drones. He can fly this and by luck this is the ship he used for PvE'ing in high sec when he was more active.

The fit needed some work but an outlay of 50m ISK has upgraded the ship and fit to match that for the operation. We're ready to roll.

Althanear found out the nearest high sec entry to the wormhole and we all met there on Thursday night. We moved in and located safe spots to idle in until called upon.


We've been waiting, watching and readying ourselves for the attack. Just waiting for the order to assemble and attack.

Pictures and details to come after the operation has completed, of course based on previous experience we are hoping for a lack of stront in the towers...

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