Monday, 4 January 2016

What Ever Will I Do Now?

The last couple of days I've been idling in Jita primarily because I'm watching for new scams but also because, occasionally, I can read some interesting conversations or have a laugh.

I've also been posting a link to my Know Your Scams index page when I see an obvious scam appear in local. A couple of people commented with sarcasm or the following image:

This image simply awesome and I've now added to to my Know Your Scams Index page because it's funny.


Someone in the Alliance Archtype. obviously was annoyed with my posting or was looking for corporations to declare war on so at 0015 hours EVE Time today i received a war declaration:

and I then spent the next 15 minutes laughing my head off at the stupidity of this declaration and again at the game mechanics. 

Back around 2011/2012 the war mechanic was to be feared and could be a cause of problems but I've grown wiser. It seems a group of 19 people (according to EVE Who) with a killboard full of cheap and skill-less kills, in only high sec locations or trade hubs, is wasting their time on me.

My Response

It's a wasted war declaration, only two of the characters in my corporation are active and the one I use most has not left a station (except via Jump Clones) since the 30th May 2013.

I shall continue with my daily activities, I shall continue to make money buying and selling whilst using 3rd party services to move assets.

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