Wednesday, 6 January 2016

I Knew I Forgot Something

Periodically I change the force-field password on my Towers and I did this just the other day I notified the people I knew used my towers to idle in when in space.

Except I missed one person and a couple of days later I received an evemail from my CEO with a link to a kill mail.

Ah Fudge

It was only a couple of hundred million ISK and I had totally forgotten this person friend was using it as a staging post as he ratted up his security status.

I could blame my memory, lack of notification from the pilot that he still used this tower but that's not right. I fucked up and changed the password without checking with everyone whom I knew had used the tower.


I'm sure we'll laugh about this in a week or two but right now I'm embarrassed about this screw up on my part.

I haven't spoken to the person, I think time-zones are very much against us at the moment, but I have already purchased a new ship and fittings and it should be in his hands in the next 24 hours.

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