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I've just finished my reading of the Minutes from Day 2 of the CSM Summit. My blood isn't boiling with frustration but there is certainly an increase in temperature. Once more it was the, apparently, liberal use of "under NDA" that really pissed me off.

The one thing I really wanted to know more about is how CCP think they are progressing with EVE online within the Roadmap session and instead we get a (admittedly cute) picture of a bloody kitten. If there has been one thing I've read more than anything else is that there is no visible accountability for what is happening in EVE Online.

Finger Pointing

CCP Fozzie and CCP Falcon are the two most common names I see in posts on Reddit and they cop a huge amount of finger pointing and abuse. Nearly all unwarranted.

Fozziesov is a derogatory term used to name the sov changes introduced in Aegis. I've not seen a SINGLE positive use of this term, all has been negative and a lot of people have demanded Fozzie be sacked for this not because he's done a bad job, he hasn't, but because of who he was before he joined CCP.

Stupid. Just bloody stupid.


This brings me nicely to something I've been thinking of for quite a while. It was proudly announced in July 2014 that CCP Seagull had been "promoted" to Executive Producer and was now responsible for "the full overall direction" of EVE Online.
This image seems to be apt for the communication we've had
Communication is critical to success, we players have said that. The CSM have said that and CCP have said that. But where is communication from the Executive Producer CCP Seagull?
As far as I can tell she hasn't posted to the public forums since May 2014, nothing since and I could not find any posts on Reddit since her AMA in 2014. Well either that or she's extremely good at delegation and it's CCP Falcon and CCP Fozzie who are communicating in her place and taking the brunt of player feedback/frustration instead of her.

The CSM Summit Minutes show that CCP Seagull has been interacting with the CSM and has been quoted in the minutes but where is the communication, that CCP are known for, with their extended community and players from the Executive Producer?

The Leader, the current Visionary behind EVE Online is nowhere to be seen or heard from. To me, and I hope you, there is something seriously wrong with that.

All Quiet On The Northern Front

With so much anger about Aegis Sov why have we not heard from Executive Producer CCP Seagull about the what changes, why they are needed, and how they fit into the future. A year ago Player-built-stargates were a thing, nothing has been said since then.

The Jove are dead and we have had an excellent story (including the Drifter introduction and death of the Amarr Empress) but we are no closer to knowing what else is to come or how we (as players) fit into it.

I'd certainly be a lot happier and confident to remain a player should I know more about where things are currently and where we're going on our journey. CCP Seagull, what do you think?


It's now January 1st 2016 and this was posted on the 5th October 2015. Three months ago nearly and since then nothing else, not in a dev blog nor even the forums. In fact I still can't see any posts since May 2014 from CCP Seagull on the forums.

I've sat on this article for a little too long, #reasons#, but as I was writing it CCP Seagull did post a Dev Blog where she outlined (briefly) the state of EVE and the roadmap for Fall 2015 and Spring 2016.

You can watch the video and it does appear a lot of good things are covered and are coming.

The Future

Summer 2015 has not been an overwhelming success for CCP in my eyes. It has been stagnant and the draw to the game has been missing. Bitter-vets are starting to grow in numbers and new players either aren't being retained or are finding it hard to get a start.

We've had some great new ships released, more skins (yawn) and lots of minor features and tier-icide. But communication is one thing that we're not getting. We know what the plan is for late 2015/early 2016 but what about (for instance):
  • late 2016/early 2017
  • is walking in stations "still a thing"
  • how are we progressing on captial re-balance (this has been partially answered)
  • what is the future for the rorqual
  • where are we in terms of "player built stargates"
These are all things that an EP should be able to address. I'm not saying CCP Seagull should do a regular dev blog on how the game is progressing.... Wait yes. that's exactly what I'm saying and want.

We need communication but we also need communication from the right people, we usually get it from the (excellent CCP Falcon/CCP Fozzie and a few others with "silly team names") but its the EP who ultimatiely is responsible for the vision, the direction and making it happen.

We need to hear more from CCP Seagull on HOW things are progressing, what she things of the game and more importantly get visibility for a person who, until October 2015, had disappeared from public view.

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