Friday, 1 January 2016

Silent Runnings

Be Very Quiet

Mrs CEO and I celebrated the birth of our second child (a boy) in late October and this is the primary reason I've been quiet. It's very hard to write new posts, edit ones for publication and even play EVE during a newborns first few weeks.

We've had a few problems, nothing major and certainly nothing that needs a kickstarter or a "sob post" about. Babies have issues, like all things identify what you can control/change and do it. So we did, turns out he might have diary allergies like my side of the family has suffered from.

We did have a very stressful lead up to Christmas as the Monday before he and his older brother were admitted to hospital with an acute viral infection. What we have no idea, the doctors have no idea but they didn't leave hospital until the 24th and then it was into the car for the trip to "the in-laws" and the family Christmas.

We shall sum up that social gathering as "thank fuck its over". With luck I won't see that side of the family for AT LEAST the next three to six months 

Mistress EVE

I have kept up with EVE, using some of my wealth to PLEX accounts instead of paying for them, and have maintained my tower setup and even branched out into more T2 production thanks to new contacts and people I've met.

EVE really is a two edged blade at times. Some days I hate having to do my tower maintenance and the other nit-picking things but then other days I love to dive in and see what my buy/sell order speculation has netted me.

Null Sec Life

Life in Null Sec plods on. I say plod but lots of exciting things have been happening. 

  • Operation Frostline sites have appeared and my ratting ship easily handles them (not as quickly as a Smart Bomb Rokh but still I like an element of manual control). I have gotten so many Quafe Zero but I'm yet to see the fabled "PLEX drop"
  • Endurance, its a lovely ship and I've invested in a dozen of them for use in Null Sec to mine the local minerals and ice belts (when safe). 30 second cycles on Ice Mining Laser II's is turning a profit within an hour on each ship.
  • Logistics are still a pain but I'm not that far into null sec that its too much work. I just wish I could have a few extra ly range on my JF. Still a trip at least once a week to bring in and take out what I'm making. It's profitable but....
  • I've found a few local sources and have been in negotiation to buy from/sell to them. Christmas has interuptted this but I'm sure early 2016 I'll be able to source a few raw materials locally and for a better price than Jita Sell.

Possible Expansion

My alliance is doing great work with their own towers in low sec, they're getting fights but also generating passive ISK for very little work. I get materials I need and its win-win all around. 

Seems though the expansion is continuing as they're gotten close to a group in and around Molden Heath and we're starting to see some possibilities opening up there for getting more towers and materials.

World of Warships

Avast Yee Land and Space Lovers.... yeah no won't do that again. 

I'm still finding WoWS a good distraction when EVE is either quiet or I need some time to just relax. Bex plays too and we've had some good games recently enough that we're both going up the Tiers nicely in Russian Destroyers.

I've downloaded FRAPS again (I bought it years ago) and I'm starting to record a few games to video that I'll probably upload to YouTube because they're either great games or contain moments of genius or luck.

The Future

I'm starting to write more and I'm aiming to draft a post at least every day and post a finished one at least four times a week. I would love to do a Ripard Teg and do daily but I don't think I quite have the content or intelligence to pull that off :)

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