Saturday, 2 January 2016

Know Your Scams: High SP Character for Sale


The scammer advertises in Local:

Linked contract shows the following (implant and cost may vary depending on the SP the 'character' has):

What Happens Now

The scammer is hoping the mark does not know you can't trade characters via contracts and is trying a very poor scam.

The implant is worth between 9m and 20m ISK and they're advertising it as a character with 200m skillpoints so have a price of 200m ISK.

How Do You Protect Myself

Firstly, remember Rule #1, anything posted in local in a trade hub is going to be a scam and you should not accept any contract without seriously checking on the contents and issuer.

In this case it should be clear to all but the most remote hermit that:

  • characters cannot be traded in-game via contracts.
  • an implant is shown not the name of a character
  • the value of the contract that the issuer wants is the same as the SP they say the character has

This is a very poor scam but one that can catch new players out. As always check, double check and then triple check the contract details and its clear no character is being sold and its a cheap implant.

Block the issuer.


  1. To fall for that you'd have to be pretty dumb... like jumping a Nestor into W-Space without a probe launcher dumb.

    1. Or bringing Medium sized ammo for battleship sized weapons eh?

  2. Also and form of scam in relations to character trading is against the EULA I thought.