Saturday, 2 January 2016

EVE Online Wiki Obsolete?

I was doing some research for a upcoming post and needed to find out the specifications of the Endurance mining frigate. Usually I just do a search for "[ship] eve" and in the first page of results will be a link to the EVE Online Wiki for the ship in question.

Except it didn't happen for the Endurance, so I went to the EVE Online Wiki and navigated to the Advanced Frigates page:

Urm.. there is something missing there. Where is the sections for Expedition and Logistics Frigates?

So I checked further, the new Destroyers aren't in the Wiki either and it appears that ALL the changes made to the game in the Frostline release (dated 8th December 2015) have not made their way into the Wiki at all.

Tardy or Forgotten

It appears the EVE Online Wiki, the font of knowledge that new players are encouraged to learn and navigate (despite the terrible interface and abysmal performance) is out of date. 

I can understand the Christmas break has reduced resources but in any Development Plan for a release I'd certainly have an update of the Wiki as a medium to high priority item. After all its the defacto source of information on the game.

Bugs I can understand but not updating documentation before a release is downright tardy. I know the point is people can contribute to the wiki but this is base game information that people should add to not have to add.

Hopefully the Wiki will be in for an update in the New Year and who knows if they don't I may just have to go and start adding stuff thats missing to make a point.


  1. It is worst than that. The whole wiki is out of date since years on other topic.

    CCP stated they wanted to fond a solution. Until then, remember anyone can contribute to it. And that UniWiki is around.

  2. Plus the Eve Uni wiki is kept up to date

  3. The official wiki is laughable, at best. But it's a wiki and anyone can contribute. I prefer the Eve Uni wiki for most things.