Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Most Wanted Status

Hundreds of kill mails are posted daily to zKillboard and most are ignored and mean little other than to the pilots involved.
Capital/Super/Titan kills always generate comments, usually negative by the vocal egotistical idiots, but there are a few kill mails that are interesting for various reasons and today I present one that is interesting.
The pilot in question, Big Lynx, hasn't killed something expensive (it was a shuttle worth roughly 4m ISK). He hasn't done something new or come up with an amazing new tactic, no this pilot has done the worst possible thing he could do.
He has advertised himself as having an extremely rare and expensive ship:


The Guardian-Vexor is a relic of the original EVE Online. It's not a great ship, it's basically a Vexor with an additional missile turret slot but it does have one impressive trait that no other ship (outside of Carriers) have any longer.
It can deploy more than 5 drones at the same time.
Originally the Drone Interfacing skill allowed the use of +1 additional drone per level but in response to latency/lag issues this was changed to the current +20% drone damage per level trained. However the Guardian-Vexor was one ship that had the +1 deployable drone as a trait and not reliant on the skill and has, luckily, retained this over the years.
As a result the DPS the ship can do is very, very good and the extra deployable drone has meant that the value of this ship (and it's rarity) has meant it now commands a very high price to own.

Painting A Target Of Yourself

Originally there were 50 of these ships. In December 2012 it was estimated that only 20 still exist in-game with 5 being held by a single player (Entity).
So showing you have one by appearing on killmails is a sure fire way of asking for the attention of every mercenary or ganker in New Eden.
Congratulations Big Lynx, you're now on the watch list of hundreds more people :)

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