Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Know Your Scams: Deadspace/Faction Loot


The scammer advertises in Local:

Deadspace/DED/Faction loot for sale always piques interest from people. Green and Blue modules can be very expensive and very useful fit to ships. This is certainly goign to interest a lot of people.

Looking at the contract there certainly are a lot of Faction, Storyline and Deadspace modules listed and it could be interesting but lets check the price of the contract versus what they are asking for.

What Happens Now

First thing of interest is the price You Will Pay. It is 560 million ISK not 5.3 billion as the advertisement said. Let's use to see how much the items are worth in Buy/Sell methods:

Ah, now it becomes clear.

The Sell value of the items is possibly 5.07 billion ISK and that is what the advert in local was saying. It's possible that it's right but the buy value is only 10.32 million ISK and, as any trader knows, the smaller the difference between Sell and Buy the more people who want it.

You could buy the contract and try to sell the items for 5 billion but you'd be waiting A LONG time, if it all sold at all. 

The scammer has just bought this stuff for around 10 million ISK and offering, what appears to be worth 5 billion, for 500 million he hopes to snare a mark who is not going to look closely at the offering.

How Can You Protect Yourself

Rule #1 in Jita is: anything in Local is a scam to take your ISK.

Is this a scam, it could be argued it isn't but its attempting to prey upon the unwaring so to me it is definitely a scam.

Block the advertiser and think no more of it.


  1. Those items are worth less than 560 mill even on sell orders.

    1. Considerably less.

      You'd easily pick most up and get change out of 10m ISK.