Monday, 4 January 2016

The Type Of Player No MMO Needs


The following contains spoilers regarding Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If you haven't seen this movie yet and do not wish a major plot point be spoilt, please stop reading and close this window/tab.

You have been warned.

Remember, I have said spoilers are below. Leave now or continue at your own risk.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Released

Being in Australia I had the option of seeing it slightly before my northern hemisphere friends but I chose not to because I wanted to go with my wife. Being a "Star Wars Nerd" I didn't mind finding out the plot or spoilers before I saw the movie. For one at least people couldn't ruin it for me but also nothing would stop me enjoying the movies.

Still seeing the following notification when I logged on release day was unexpected:

I didn't get angry but I was disappointed that someone in EVE would do this. Other communities such as Imgur and Reddit were discouraging this and, in someways, actively policing to prevent this happening BUT EVE Online is a game so it's slightly different (not to mention my timezone works against me 99% of the time).

I later found out who it was and it wasn't really a surprise, this person has issues with other members of my Alliance and well, shots fired. Still the fact they'd do this said much about their character and the type of person they are to me.

It's fair to say I had respect for the person before this but it's all gone now. Not that they care, they'll laugh it off and say they don't care. So be it, but if you ever needed help in-game or out and I was able to help.... well let's just say that won't be happening now.

Not that they care, like I said.

A Proportional Response

I wasn't angry by this but it did strike a nerve. I wasn't going to speak to the person behind it, they (in true EVE fashion) would lap up the so called "tears" and not care. So I used the game mechanics available to me and I petitioned it.

I don't know whether my petition struck a nerve with CCP but they were aware of this prior to my petition and my ten paragraphs hopefully swayed them and stirred them into action. It wasn't the best I've ever written nor was it the worst but as I said, there was nothing in the EULA or their Rules that appeared to be broken but it was ethically and morally a shit thing to have done.


I've been told that something was done, certainly the Corporation setup was quickly disbanded:

The name "removed". CCP's response was 'as expected' and said nothing of detail but something happened.

I was told a few other things but I can't share them here as my word was given I would not repeat them. But still, CCP did quickly respond and clear this up. Kudos to them for understanding the situation and taking quick and effective action.

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