Tuesday 21 June 2016

And they're gone...


I had a night off last night. Really, I got home after the late shift (for my work that means 1815hrs finish instead of 1552hrs) and I did two things on the computer and then turned it off. Nothing else for the night, I even put the phone into Do Not Disturb mode and ignored that.

It was delightful, I slept so well betwene 2100hrs and 2145hrs which was when the youngest awoke with "teething pains". He didn't settle again until 0348 hours the next morning. It was NOT fun.

So picture me firing up the EVE Launcher this evening to find that it's asking me to login. Wait what.

Where are all my preset logins, where are my characters. Has my EVE Launcher suffered amnesia?

The answer is Yes.


So there was an update to the launcher that killed all my account settings. Do you know how long it took me to setup and get working fifteen accounts.

A long time. A REALLY LONG TIME.

So this is my chore for the evening, setting up my launcher again so I can login do some stuff then logoff as I promised the "ball n' chain" I'd help out with something this evening in RL.

Better get started...

1 comment:

  1. Why I will keep using the old launcher until the last possible moment. Why do CC continually fuck things up by replacing working items with broken shiney new ones?!