Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Aww Yiss!

Undocked to do some industry on Sunday to find a couple of friends 40km off station killing a JF that made the mistake of passing through. I dock up and ask, for it is polite to do so, if I might whore on the mail.
A minute or so later I receive the ok to do so. I nearly undocked the Rorqual and used drones but instead I used a Corax and managed to contribute a total of 3% of the total damage. I even used my industry ships to help salvage and get the loot to station without the cloaky camper in system interfering.
It was a nice Anshar kill and big thanks to Acki for letting me whore on his hard work. He even let me have the single ORE Cargohold Expander that dropped (I didn't ask for a split, it was his hard work but he insisted).
It's been a LONG TIME since that character had a kill on his Killboard, according to zKillboard it was November 2013 when I last whored on a killmail :)
Still I'm stuck in Null Sec for a week or more thanks to a laughable war dec from Marmite (Marmite are NOT laughable but the people who paid for it are). Oh well, I guess netural out of corp alts will do my hauling whilst I sit in fast locking ships waiting for cloaky campers to be stupid... possibly.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Fake Wallet API

There are numerous scams people use in EVE Online and one variant uses a fake website, setup to appear genuine and convince people that they really are giving out ISK for free.
There have been various sites setup to help with this as well as numerous people attempting to use the same site and fake wallet details. Some are successful but then there are those that just throw things together and hope for the best. My recent favourite was one that was a reasonably new character, a couple of months old, but was using wallet history that was older than the character. Oh how I laughed at that one.
Still, this hasn't been frowned upon by CCP. This type of scam has managed to stay under the radar and within the rules.... until now.
Overnight CCP Falcon has released a announcement that, in the interest of reducing support tickets/GM overload, says that scams that rely on fabricated wallet details are no longer allowed.
Awww yiss!
Another scam bites the dust.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Caught Out

Browsing the list of recent threads on the EVE Online Forums this morning one caught my eye in Sell Orders:
This has come about as overnight (my time) CCP have finished their investigation into possible collusion between teams in Alliance Tournament XIII and determined that there was collusion between the teams of Warlords of the Deep and The Camel Empire to fix the result of a match.
The outcome of this has been:
  • both teams have been kicked/ejected from ATXIII
  • prizes they would have won have been seized
  • Warlords Captain has been permanently banned from all future CCP Tournaments and the Camel captain has received a 1 year ban
  • All teams move up 2 ladder ranks which results in Pandemic Legion being the new ATXIII winners
It is the latter that has resulted the post on the forums, PL members are having a field day and rightly so.

Cheating is Cheating is Cheating

Honestly the two teams have been very lucky to have only had two people banned. If it was I in charge of this I'd have permanently banned ALL members of both teams and prevented them from ever participating in any tournament again.
The punishments are handed out and only the captains have received these but it makes you wonder, if teams are so professional how much did each member know. Surely they were complicit and should be punished as such. 
Still CCP investigated, determined guilt and have punished. It's over.

Would You Like Salt With That

Obviously not content to remain quiet the Warlords of the Deep Captain, Kadesh Priestess, has posted to Failheap Challenge outlining further information as well as raking mud and applying salt to wounds. There isn't much in the way of details, but it certainly is an interesting read.

Just be careful on that site, ego's are large and mouths spew forth much crap ;)

Really Though, Who Cares

I don't. It was just something to write about, I'm sure there are those that really enjoy this event but to most players I bet they don't even know about it.
I've never watched the Alliance Tournament and to be honest I don't get interested in watching the EVE Online 1% fight it out for more "ego boosting" and bragging rights. Things seem to be at the point where the teams are equal and its only who can "meta-game" the others the best will win.
The Amarr Championship is scheduled to happen very soon and I'm sure people will watch it but I won't be and I'll only mention it if something like this happens.