Tuesday, 5 May 2015

12th Birthday Presents

EVE Online will soon be 12 years old and, as is the custom, CCP will present all active accounts will receive the following:
  • Genolution Core Augmentation CA-3
  • Genolution Core Augmentation CA-4
  • Womens Gunner Jacket (Mordus Legion)
  • Mens Marshal Jacket (Mordus Legion)

The Jackets are pretty nice but the Implants are very excellent as these current sell, in Jita, for over 3.4b for the CA-3 and 2b for the CA-4.

The introduction of AT LEAST 50,000 new implants will certainly see the price slashed and people can finally make use of full sets of CA implants.

Thanks CCP for the presents :)

The Week That Was

Full Power means Full Speed Ahead

Power was restored a week ago, we've had no problems since then although we've had more rain and wind that did give cause for concern. It certainly was interesting being without power and being early to bed each night was nice... for the first day or two but after two days I started to hate nights. There just wasn't enough light that we had to read so that limited what I could do. 

It's over now and I'm already looking at investing in a small generator or perhaps the new Tesla backup system in case this ever happens again.

Reaction Tower Frustration

I was fortunate not to have anything serious going on in EVE during my unexpected downtime and I returned to full towers and a need to refuel my towers rather urgently. My towers coped without me, I didn't doubt that at all, and the only thing that annoys me about my reaction towers is the need to empty them constantly between 48 and 72 hours of operation. 

The frequency of maintenance is dependant on what they're making but its frustrating for me because it means I need to do things, at a minimum, every two days to ensure that output is dealt with yet inputs I can leave for at least a week (168 hours). 

I could add more silos and chain the outputs to give myself more space but for some stupid reason asilo requires 500 cpu to online. Why the silo, something that should just be inert storage, requires so much CPU I don't know but needing 500 means that in any complex reaction setup you'll only be able to have enough for two inputs and one for output. 

Until the POS receives a massive overhaul there isn't much I can do and so I'm developing OCD with respect to POSes and managing when silos will be full/empty/nearly full.

Returning to High Sec DED Sites

I posted quite sometime ago about the profitability of running sites in high sec and then getting escalations which could result in very profitable loot drops. I know Bex continues to do this and has gathered a good collection of Deadspace and Faction loot but I stopped because I really hate probing.

I mean I really hate probing, I'd rather 0.01 ISK in Jita than probe but I'm working on the skills and I've decided to give it a go. So far, with a little help from Bex on where to look for sites, I've had a much better time than I did before.

I spent about 4 hours in total on the weekend probing and running combat sites and managed to get seven escalations (all Guristas Scout Outposts) from which I managed to get three C-Type Kinetic shield amplifiers, a C-Type Medium Shield Booster and two C-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Fields (the latter working out at just under 300m each).

Very profitable for the time and with the practice in scanning I'm getting I'm sure it'll be more profitable for a small time sink.

3D Map Out and Explorers Hate It

That sounded like click-bait for a second. Sorry about that, but no link to follow :)

A while back CCP allowed players to start using a new in-game Map that had plenty of improvements and was all shiny and new. It is good, although I do miss some of the ease-of-use features (such as Jump Range bubble when in a jump capable ship) and finding out what systems were populated or had no pilots with just a single click.

However this same map is now used for the scanning/probing mechanic in-game and it is quite horrendous and frustrating to use. The view resets when you move focus, it certainly uses more processor when running that the previous map and can be very sluggish as a result. Filters are different and whilst there exists all the previous filters they are harder (I find) to apply and then clearly see what the results are.

I do like the new map but I don't have enough experience as an Explorer yet to comment on its usefulness in scanning.

Beauty is not just SKIN deep

Well CCP done fucked up but in a very enjoyable and happy way. Then they said they'd be fixing it and people didn't like that so there was lots of fun had applying skins to ships that should not have had the ability to have skins.

What do I mean, well players found a bug (definitely not a feature) that allowed any ship skin to be applied to any ship rather than what it was designed to do (which was specific skins for specific ships).

Lots of fun was had and there were some very good looking ships appearing on various Reddit threads and on Imgur. However it was a bug and CCP Falcon pointed out (quite correctly IMO) that having a Sarum Family logo on a non-Amarr ship did not "fit" with the Lore and so could not be allowed. He did say that he was discussing this with the development/art teams because a lot of feedback was generated and some was very useful and may influence how skins are developed.

EVE Prosper Market Show

If you're into Market activities in EVE Online then you can do with all the help you can and I cannot recommend that you have a look into the EVE Prosper Market Show. Now up to it's 25th Episode this is an excellent discussion/review programme for not just the EVE Online Market but also features excellent coverage of in-game events and news stories of note.

Seriously, go watch. Lockefox knows his stuff and presents an excellent show for people with any interest in the EVE Online economy.