Friday, 26 June 2015

And he died with a smile on his face...

We had a fight last night.

When I say "we" I mean PROLAPSE. and some allies in support of a group who were having their C4 Pulsar attacked by some Russians.

It was not pretty, it was not a victory and I lost two ships. But I absolutely had a lot of fun and I hate losing ships (who doesn't) but instead of rage quitting and getting angry I'm happy.

Since I started PvP has not been a major concern for me, sure I'll come join a fleet and try to blow stuff up but it's never been a primary EVE activity for me. I've always been happier and gotten more satisfaction from industry than I have PvP.

Batphone Abuse

Aside from comrades from Haywire, promised reinforcements and friendlies never materialised. The owners of the hole we were helping with had said that they'd be on field with us with several battleships and some logi, but these never appeared. Apparently (as TF says in his post) a Falcon, Bomber and Hurricane did come to the fight but these were very poor choices against the assembled foes let alone five Marauders in bastion mode.

The batphone is an important feature of EVE Online but, much like the story of the boy who cried wolf, you abuse it the towns people will eventually ignore you and you'll be left to be eaten by the ravenous wolves of New Eden.

Times Change

I loved this fight. 

I was dual boxing but my "battle station" gives me the ability to do this without needing to ALT-TAB or otherwise manage windows.

Neither Bex nor Trinkets Friend have written much about the details of the fight and I can't really add to it. I was focused on what I was doing not with the whole battlefield. I certainly made mistakes flying both the Scimitar and the Curse but in hindsight I know about them now so I'm better informed the next time I'm in a fight.