Thursday, 26 March 2015

Drones are dead, long live Drones

Let me present this screenshot from EVEMon:

In just over 5 hours 30 minutes Advanced Drone Interfacing V will complete and that will mark the end of training Drone skills. Finished, Done, The End.

Unless they add new Drone skills and I really don't think they will. Actually I think they might want to cut the power of Drones further... but I digress. That is a post for later.

It's taken me nearly a whole year, at 2700 SP per hour, to complete the Drone skills and this skill, which is pretty much, no it is useless but it does round off the whole category and it makes the first that I've actually completed on this character to V:

Of course this achievement will occur during the early hours of Friday morning my time and, whilst something special, there is no way I will be awake.

So this post will mark it and I shall then move on to the depressing Navigation skill as they are woeful on this character.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Trolling with POCOs

I've never really had much interaction with POCOs or other structures aside from POS'es. I know my way around a POS, most of the permissions (and pain associated with that) and how to do most POS related things.

I learnt something new today thanks to Trinkets Friend.

Have a read of the story, it explains much of the background and more importantly the hilarious trolling to that has gone on. Sure the eve-mails have flown but I've never, ever, heard of using POCOs as a method to troll someone.


Scylla is released

March 24th Scylla was released without any major issues although 12 hours later there appears to be one really obvious defect. Kill an NPC ship and if it doesn't have loot no wreck appears, if it has loot the wreck appears.

Anyway well done CCP on the release and *golf clap* for the really silly NPC wreck bug.

Patch Notes can be found here and feedback here.

I'm not really exicted about Scylla, aside from the nerfing of the SkyNet play-style and Download On Demand there isn't anything that I feel makes this worthy of being a release.

But that's me. Your mileage will vary.

Monday, 23 March 2015

PSA: Refuelling your Jump Freighter

I've had to make a few jumps this weekend to move a lot of things to high sec and it is only as I return to my home for the final time that I realised how close I was to being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

This is the fuel bay of my Jump Freighter after I finished my final jump, damn good thing I don't have any more to do right now.

Remember people, refuel your capital ship AFTER every jump and keep those tanks topped up.

Failure of a Torpedo Delivery Service

I've been a little too busy recently and I have neglected my wormhole alt, I will be addressing that but I have kept up to date with goings on and it appears that a group have decided to camp our wormhole and "inflict suffering and loss" upon us.

In reality it seems to be a camp by a dozen or so bombers with light/medium cloaky tackle and much failure. Don't get me wrong, they have gotten a kill or two but these have been as much failures on our part as success on theirs.

Trolling Level V Completed

Today however they failed whilst attacking one of our members and lost a ~200m ISK Bomber which resulted in the following missive being sent:
Dear Solvenaria Azionchenkov, 
Thank you for your attempt to deliver torpedoes to me. Sadly for you, the quality of your service is sub-par and your torpedoes are wholly inferior in quality, clearly made by illiterate children in some broke-ass third world country. Therefore I am exercising my consumer rights by returning your torpedoes, with interest.  
In future I will take my munitions delivery via Danoz Direct, because they come with a free set of steak knives.  
I have corrected a few, minor, spelling mistakes but otherwise this is as sent and is just brilliant. 

I will be logging in more often now my work load has reduced and this type of humour just makes me think I've found a corp that I can be myself in.

Saturday, 21 March 2015


Serenity vs. Tranquillity took place today, yesterday or even tomorrow, depending on your time zone and it was great to see the best of the Chinese server versus the best of Tranquillity .

Camel Empire were Tranquillity's representatives and apparently have acquitted themselves superbly. I did not see the matches nor have I been able to see the replays (as of yet) but in a best of 5 setup they won 3-1.

The win secures for the players of Tranquillity the Victorieux Luxury Yacht whilst Serenity will never see this ship.

The Matches

JesterTrek on Reddit posted a great summary of the matches (and I will reproduce here but the content is his):
Match 1: Serenity Fleet Typhoon comp v. Tranquility Ishtar comp. Serenity wins 5-3. TQ kills all the tackle, neither of the Fleet Typhoons, which were hull tanked and used Rapid Heavy Missile Launchers.
Serenity takes first blood 1-0.
Match 2: Serenity Cerb/Cynabal comp v. Tranquility Ishtar comp. TQ wins 5-0 in a pretty straight-forward dunk.
Tourney tied 1-1. 
Match 3: Serenity Cerb/Cynabal comp v. Tranquility Confessor/Damnation comp. TQ wins 5-2. Malediction spiked in the first minute, excellent damps from Niart in the Maulus, but then Eshnala/Confessor and Niart got missile-eaten very quickly. TQ pulled it back together and slowly beat Serenity in a war of attrition.
TQ up 2-1. 
Match 4: Serenity Hyperion comp v. Tranquility Astarte/Heretic comp. Man mode activated. TQ wins 5-0. Heretics eat Stiletto and Rifter (the frigs pretty clearly underestimated them). Rail Hyperions tank fairly poorly but is balanced by pretty poor damage application from the TQ team. First Hyp visited the Edge of Glory, baited there by Sturm in the Exeq (nice!), followed slowly by the Caracal and second Hyperion. So the match went on a long while but was never in doubt.
Both TQ and Serenity players were excellent but in this battle TQ have prevailed.

Victorieux Luxury Yacht

The ship that will be released to TQ in the future is something special, designed to avoid interdiction as well as possessing the ability to fit quite a decent tank and, most wonderfully, a covert ops cloaking device.

Released statistics for the ship are available at this post on Reddit but in summary:

  • 50% bonus to warp speed and warp acceleration
  • Immune to Interdiction Sphere Launcher, Warp Disruption Field Generator and Mobile Small, Medium and Large Warp Disruptor
  • Can fit Covert Ops Cloaking Device
  • High Power Slots 1
  • Medium Power Slots 1
  • Low Power Slots 4
  • Medium Rig Slots 3


This ship is going to be very good for covert ops or even recon use, and that's just from the role bonuses. Add in the ability add a shield tank via rigs, scram/point in the mid and speed tanking modules this could be a very real threat in fleet situations.

Some theorycrafting I've seen have suggested that this ship could even be fit to have a warp speed of 9/10AU per second and an align time equivilent to a travel interceptor fit (2 seconds).

A new ship is good and I'm going to be looking forward to updated EFT/Pyfa releases when I can have a play with this ship.

Monday, 16 March 2015

A Few Small Things

A few updates on how things are going and what I'm doing in EVE Online. These don't warrant a full post themselves but the information may be interesting to those two or three of you that do read this.

The Reddit Effect

I don't get a lot of traffic and I'm fine with that.

I (primarily) write for myself and for a small number of people who seem to like what I do write (I haven't had complaints that I'm aware of). However I posted a link, as a reply to someone, to the Confessor post I recently did on Reddit and I saw first hand what the Reddit Effect is.

I had nearly 6 times more traffic in a 24 hour period than I normally do and, from that, hopefully I gained one or two new readers. 

So if you did come in thanks to that post, Welcome :)

Moving Time

Apparently I was not following some rules. I disagree to the exact details but I'm not going to get into an argument on the internet about it.

I've been told I can no longer use an alternate system (when my primary is too busy) for my jump freighter. As a result I decided to move all my assets from the system in question, including combat ships that were there in case I was able to get in on a capital kill.

It took me two days but I've finally moved all the ships out and I finally got to fly a Bowhead in order to move them the few jumps to their new home. That was fun.

Milestone Passes

I passed a new milestone last week my total worth according to jEVEAssets passed 200 billion ISK. I didn't notice for a couple of days I think because when I did it was 203 billion. 

It's a milestone, now I need to turn the assets that form the bulk of that into ISK so I can invest in new projects.

Super Characters

Today, in bit over 3 hours, marks the time my last character will finish training for the Aeon super capital ship. Due to the increased number of pilots for sale, the price changes and (most of all) the upcoming changes to Sovereignty in Summer 2015, I don't think there is any point in training super-flyable characters for sale.

It's been fun but time to move on and do something else. If the Super Capital market changes in the future (anything is possible) then I may return, I have my guides and notes to remind me what to do but for now this income stream is being shut down.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The All Powerful EVE Community

CCP Surge posted on the forums thanking the community for feedback regarding changes to the in-game icons. 

The changes are pretty big and the idea was to get them into the game in the next patch (Scylla) but they've decided due to the constructive feedback that this will not be happening and they will continue to iterate over the changes and seek further community input until they are ready to be released.

I'm still shocked over this, using the words constructive and feedback in the same sentence as eve community is something that I never thought I'd see and ... oh look, I see they've finally implemented the flying pigs as a player flyable ship.

Wow, EVE never ceases to me.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Game of Sov - Changes for Summer 2015

CCP released a devblog covering the changes that will be coming during the summer to Sovereignty and how this will change Null Sec.

I've read and re-read the devblog at least four times now and overall I like the general direction that this will take us. I would write all about it, what I think and my own ideas but I think 99% of what I'd say has been addressed, and addressed better than I could write it, by Trinkets Friend in his post on the subject.

So head over to Localectomy and enjoy. Don't forget that and EVE News 24 have covered the subject too and it's always good to have a balanced diet of these things.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Confessor vs. Sleepers


A competition was held, in-game, that would determine the release order of each of the racial T3 Tactical Destroyers. Just before EVE Vegas 2014 a devblog was released where capsuleers were asked to donate Sleeper loot to secret research projects. The research projects turned out to be contest where the order, that the new Tactical Destroyers, would be determined by the amount of donated Sleeper loot.

At EVE Vegas it was revealed that the Amarr won and the Confessor would be released as part of the Rhea expansion in December 2014.

The Ship

The Confessor appears to be a radical new design for the Amarr, its different but retains the patterns and appearance people expect of Amarrian ships.

Slot layout is VERY Amarrian, 7 high (6 turrets), 3 mids and 5 lows, showing that is supposed to be an an armour ship.

Like the original Tech 3 cruisers, Tech 3 tactical destroyers add a new mechanic that is unique to the hull. Instead of being modular design with sub-systems the destroyers have three different modes (Speed, Sniper and Defensive) of operation, that can be changed 'on the fly' (but with a 10 second cool down).

These modes certainly make the Confessor a very flexible ship and a somewhat unpredictable foe in space.

If you want more information on the ship and its fittings please check out the linked article above.

Heavy Hitter

The Confessor is a great little ship, light on tank but not as much as you'd think considering its size. I've seen many fits, a lot theory-crafted but some actually used and very dangerous.
I'd love to share one particular fit that I'm familiar with that is excellent as a station undock killer but I promised the pilot I would not because the potency of the fit is something that, so far, everyone has underestimated. Perhaps after the release of all the T3 Tactical Destroyers I will be able to share that.
Most fits are built around a passive tank (no plate) and a couple of damage mods to increase the dps from the Small Focused Pulse lasers that will be fitted. A decent pilot will easily get around 400 dps from the ship but there is one environment where a well skilled pilot can get over 1000 dps.

Wolf Rayet

Of all the wormholes in EVE Online those that have the Wolf Rayet have the most impact on small weapon armour ships. Shield ships need not stay, they will suffer badly from the effects this wormhole will have:

Affected Stat Wormhole class
1 2 3 4 5 6
Armor Resist +10% +18% +22% +27% +34% +50%
Shield Resist -10% -18% -22% -27% -34% -50%
Small Weapon Damage +25% +44% +55% +68% +85% +100%
Signature Size -10% -19% -27% -34% -41% -50%

C1 through C3's are profitable, now more so, but lets look at C4 and C5's because they offer the most "bang for your buck".

The Fit

The fit spec was simple, cheap where possible but designed to maximise damage and try to use the speed of the ship to limit the incoming dps. Of course being a wormhole ship we must have a probe launcher fitted, that was the only requirement I had for a module that must be present.

[Confessor, Confessor]
Coreli C-Type Small Armor Repairer
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
True Sansha Adaptive Nano Plating
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II

Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Coreli C-Type 1MN Afterburner

Expanded Probe Launcher II, Sisters Core Scanner Probe
Small Focused Beam Laser II, Gleam S
Small Focused Beam Laser II, Gleam S
Small Focused Beam Laser II, Gleam S
Small Focused Beam Laser II, Gleam S
Small Focused Beam Laser II, Gleam S
Small Focused Beam Laser II, Gleam S

Small Energy Metastasis Adjuster II
Small Energy Metastasis Adjuster II
Small Capacitor Control Circuit I

Aurora S x6
Sisters Combat Scanner Probe x8

Yes, beam lasers over pulse, we don't want to be close to the Sleepers. We want to be able to kite at least 15/20km from them whilst maintaining a good speed so as to limit the effectiveness of their fire. 

Tanking modules occupy three of the five low slots, we've got two resist modules and a deadspace repairer. The wormhole effects are going to significantly improve our resistances so lets make them as high as possible before the bonus. The final two low slots we'll use for heat sinks and thanks to the Energy Metastasis Adjuster rigs we get the benefit of an extra one or two heat sinks but without using the low slots.

We're far from cap stable, especially with the repair module running, so we use cap rechargers to help maximise the time we can remain on field. We aren't designed for PvP so no need for point, our tracking from the guns is enough to be able to kill frigates as is without the need for a web.


This ship, in the W-R setup, is a beast and can easily complete sites here without support. Two chew through the sites like a Drake (pre-nerf) did or the Ishtar does now ratting in anoms.

The whole fit does require a bit of ISK to setup and run but its not overly expensive compared to other more dedicated fits for these sites. You could add more ISK but we use the ISK for modules where they will do the most good. You could shiny more modules but then the ISK-Loss ratio weighs more to the loss should you lose it to a ambush or the sleepers.

This is a great PvE ship for sleepers but its also a fantastic PvP ship. The new Minmatar Tactical Destroyer will certainly add a new element to the game but since release the Confessor has curved a great niche in New Eden.