Sunday, 1 June 2014

A Friendly Reminder

Supercapitals are getting some changes in Kronos, have a read near the bottom of that DevBlog to understand them.

I've know about these since the devblog was released but there are no doubt going to be people who haven't because they don't login often or have stopped playing on their Supercapital account. The changes are enough that unless you're prepared it could stop you moving your Supercapital and thus be something of a major issue.

CCP know this and as a result I received the following mail on my Supercaptial  pilot (Yes, I have a Supercapital  pilot):

This is an excellent example of Customer Support, they are being proactive in telling a number of players that there are major changes coming and that they would do best to know about this and be ready to take any necessary actions.

Nice one CCP.

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