Friday, 13 June 2014

Stupid, just plain Stupid

Learning the Lesson

Over time in EVE you learn lots of lessons, some small, some larger and at some point your CEO will yell at you for doing something stupid.

Last night I took a chance and was made to look, at minimum foolish but in all honesty I was stupid in travelling through Doril, just after DT, on my way to high sec in an Amarr Shuttle:

I don't think my CEO has seen that yet, as I'm still alive.

"You lost what!"


When I jumped the grid started loading but there was no bubble visible in space so I clicked to enter warp but nothing happened. 

I tried again and even selected the gate in case I could make it back before dying but the EVE client did not appear to be functioning as the right side of my screen was just white and my overview was not updating or responding to my actions.

The result: I died and woke up in my clone in high sec.


After I awoke in my new clone I decided to petitioned this, I believe I would have been safe had my ship entered warp as I instructed it to had the graphical issue not prevented the UI from reacting to my actions. 

I submitted the ticket, including details of my system setup (I don't overclock), what happened and why I'm petitioning along with the screenshot that I took showing the graphical issue.

I then went to bed.

I woke this morning and logged into the character and noticed that I had an Amarr Shuttle in my hanger that had not been there last night, so I clicked on the Inventory icon and was greeted with this:

Petition Successful
Yes, my petition had been successful. I needed to upgrade my clone but I had had my implants returned and the shuttle to boot!


One: simple, the lesson for me was don't fly stupidly. 

I did and it's only due to luck that I have not lost anything but ISK (on the new clone). The character can't fly my runabout Interceptor fit (he needs Evasive Maneuvering V) but I will now be altering his skills to make sure he can fly that fit in the future.

Oh and of course: 

Two: don't fly through Doril in a shuttle just after DT.

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