Saturday, 14 June 2014

Crius deploying to Singularity

The next release of EVE Online, Crius, is starting to be deployed to the EVE Test Server a.k.a Singularity or SiSi.

Why Use SiSi

You can experience any new changes before they are officially released but this isn't the only reason to maintain a SiSi installation, other good reasons include:

  • Want "early access" to new changes
  • Want a place where they place with expensive ships and fits that they would never do on Tranquility (basic modules are seeded by NPC's for only 100 ISK per unit)
  • Theory-craft or practice on a server with new fits, doctrines or just have a bit of fun.
  • Want to continue playing while the primary, Tranquility, server is unavailable (e.g. downtime)

There are downsides, being a Test Server what you do here will not impact or affect the TQ server nor will you be able to keep anything you get here forever. SiSi is periodically wiped and replaced with a copy of the TQ data so training skills is an effort of frustration if you want to fly that Titan that you can't on TQ.

How Do I Access SiSi

The great news is you don't need special software or be in a special programme to get access to SiSi, just a few steps need to be followed to setup a installation for SiSi:

  1. Create a copy of your EVE installation folder
  2. Create a new shortcut to the EVE executable in the new folder and change it to point to the SiSi server 
  3. Login and explore SiSi
  4. Leave comments/feedback in the right forum(s) when you discover or have issues with the game 
If you are interested in accessing SiSi then follow the above steps or read the guide at Foo's EVE Musings (who has been kind enough to provide more in-depth instructions and screenshots)

Anything Else

WH dwellers will find that their POS homes will no longer exist, all POS'es are moved from SiSi automatically as well as Sov from all Alliances (go claim VFK for your corp on SiSi, the Goon's can't stop you!).

The biggest thing to remember about SiSi is combat is not permitted outside of a small number of specific systems, if you do attack someone randomly then you may find yourself banned from the SiSi server.

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