Monday, 2 June 2014

The Trek Has Ended

Ripard Teg has announced that he is closing his blog Jester's Trek.

This came out of nowhere I'd say to most people and even I had to read the post a few times before it dawned on me. The EVE Hermit said he had to check it wasn't a very late April Fool, but it wasn't.

I am surprised, Ripard had expanded a bit into other games in his writing and I found this just as interesting as the EVE material. I'm a little disappointed but as he says in his message he wasn't enjoying it anymore.

It's a big loss and I shall miss the afternoon (my time) posts I would enjoy reading as I waited for my working day to finish. He promoted EVE Online in a very positive way and his recent stand (for example) on the unacceptable behaviour of some EVE players was brave and the right thing to do.

I've sent him a private message thanking him for his blog and wishing him well, it's the least I could do. It was his blog, in a large part, that got me to revive this one and I continue to strive to be as productive and well written as he was.

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