Friday, 27 June 2014

Loving and Loathing PI

I both love and loath Planetary Interaction.

I love it for the passive income it generates and the setup of the planets/systems really appeals to my OCD loving brain.

That said I do not like the process to setup planets, the lack of tools to test and theorise PI setup (think EVEMon or something more graphically orientated) but most importantly the time it takes to setup more than 1 character to produce anything.

I really shouldn't complain, I know a lot of people have more characters to deal with and have it much worse. One of my friends had 16 or so characters to setup when he moved to a new alliance in null sec. He managed to do it without, much complaint, so why am I procrastinating about this.

Anyone able to suggest good webistes and/or guides for setting up and running PI?

1 comment:

    comes to my mind, though i'm not using it.

    don't worry, after the 3rd or so re-setup of your pi scheme, you'll get a feeling for it :-))

    there are also a bunch of mouse and kb "shortcuts", e.g. ctrl+lmb on a facility to creates a line, double click on a facility to jump to the scheme selection - and probably more that i don't know about.