Thursday, 12 June 2014

Prospective Prospects

I'm currently working with someone from the other local corporation (whom our Alliance are at actively waging war on (long story, still trying to decide whether to do a post on it)) to make four T2 Prospect ships, two for each of us. It'll be a good test of co-operation between ourselves and may, later result in further collaboration but for now I think we're both testing the waters.

Fortunately we're not shooting or smack talking each other, but that could change...

The end result will be the production of four Prospects, two for him, two for me.

The Ship

It's certainly a good looking ship, it's the Venture hull but with a more polished colour scheme:

Bring Sexy Back

The ship is a T2 variant of the Venture but with the ability to fit a Covert Ops Cloak and through the new, Exploration Ships skill, a reduction in signature radius (which will be helpful to avoid incoming rat fire). The only disappointment is the removal of the Venture's +2 warp core strength that meant it was much harder to catch.

The following screenshot shows the full Ship and role bonuses along with the difference between the Venture and Prospect in build requirements:

Build Requirements and Statistics for the Prospect

Currently the ship is selling for 21.5m in Jita (other locations may be more or less expensive) with production costs around the 13m/16m bracket (depending on component BPO ME levels), so there is profit to be had if you do the invention yourself as the price of BPC's on the market make the profit margins razor thin.

Test Drive

As I have yet to fly the ship I cannot comment on how it handles or functions, but once I do I will report back.

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