Monday, 23 June 2014


Had to attend a birthday party on Saturday and whilst I thought I'd be home by early evening I wasn't actually home til after 11pm. Great party as I got to see people I haven't spoken to since New Years Eve but it did mean most of the weekend was away from EVE Online.

Caught Out

The travelling on Saturday meant I had reduced EVE time and it didn't help that the Steam Summer Sale is on as well.  I was gifted a new game and have been enjoying that instead of logging into EVE... it feels like I've cheated on EVE Online :\

But that said, I did update a few things over the weekend and made sure my "minuscule empire" was ticking along, even managed to get around 30,000 LP from missions so it wasn't a wasted time.

Remember the basics

I did forget to empty my towers though, inputs were fine but I needed to empty the output material silos last night (Sunday) but I forgot and only did it this morning about 9 hours over due from the extra moon goo I now have. 

Aside from those things it is still very much quiet, the war that my fellow alliance mates are waging against "the insidious pirate gang" who live in the next system over is continuing and I'm making new friends in the "pirate corporation" which is both amusing and confusing at the same time.

Know Your Scams 

I'm going to be finishing up the remaining Know Your Scams posts. I've been waiting on a lot of screenshots and scanning through Jita local for new or variations scams but I think I've got the major ones sorted. The KYS will be updated as new or interesting ones come along and I'll be putting an index page once I'm finished (for now).

Industry Posts

I'm updating a lot of my external spreadsheets at the moment, simplifying forumlas and also verifiying (where I can) that the data is still accurate. Once I'm happy with what I have I'll be doing a series of posts on my spreadsheets and releasing access to all of them so you too can utilize the knowledge I've gained and how I management my "minuscule empire".


I get some feedback via comments and a lot more via in-game mails but I would really like more, are there posts you like to see more of or want to just tell me I'm wrong about something please leave a comment. It also helps me know that people do read what I'm posting and it's not just me that reads it too....


  1. Yes, you're a bunch of nasty insidious nullsec pirates.

    Arrrrrr :)