Wednesday, 18 June 2014

CVA makes us Persona Non Grata

I log in this morning to be told that we are now Kill On Sight to all Providence entities, including my former corporation/alliance.

I'm surprised at this as my Alliance CEO has always stressed how we must abide by the KOS list when engaging people outside of Providence. Obviously we want to be able to work with them and we all have friends still there.

But Why?

Intrigued I asked for a little more information, mainly "why" and I get sent a copy of the eve-mail between my Alliance CEO and the CVA KOS Admins.

It's interesting to read, some names I recognize and after reading I see why, quite plainly. Turns out a NRDS corporation had moved into a nearby low sec system and claimed a moon with the intention of (no doubt) mining it once the new Crius change comes in that allows moon mining in 0.4 systems. 

A cease and desist evemail was sent to the corporation, stating we considered the system our territory and the erection of the tower was an incursion into that. They responded "negatively" and so they KOS requested us.

How Rude!

It certainly was rude of them to do that and CVA have backed them up by stating, in the evemail to my Alliance CEO:

Because that space belongs to the Amarrian empire and trying to lay your claim on it and extort/bully others out of will not be tolerated.

So we're now Red to Providence and all entities who abide by the NRDS system.

I like the idea of CVA but I must say, personally, I've never had a good experience with any character that I've had to deal with. I don't mind being set Red although I'll have to be a little more careful in case -7- do a freighter gank in high sec and/or come roaming through our area.

Take That!

We got our own back though, we went and RF'd the POS they'd erected. 


And then earlier today, as I'm at work, we finished the job and cost them a few billion ISK by killing the four Scorpions they tried to save it with. 

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