Wednesday, 28 May 2014

High Sec L4's vs Null Sec L4's

I've been doing Mining L4's in null sec for about two weeks now and it certainly has a higher reward per mission than high sec ones. Security missions in high sec got me about 6000 LP per mission at nearly an hour a mission, in Null sec I can cherry pick two missions for over 15,000 LP and finish both in less than 30 minutes combined.

Gevlon Goblin has recently posted about Mining missions and how they can be farmed so the cats out of the bag in respect to that. Fortunately I haven't seen an increase in my null sec location of miners but I thank my Alliance and Appetite 4 Destruction for keeping the area well policed of pesky reds and hostile neutrals.

Risk vs. Reward

Of course it's a lot more risky in null sec but that's where the reward is and in all honesty I feel safer when I'm in null sec missioning because I'm actively focused on the Local window and have d-scan running, even when I know the people in local I'm still watching and ready to bug out.

I'm not watching a movie or browsing websites when I'm missioning, I have to pay attention to what I'm doing and what is going on around me.

Cost vs. Profit

For Security missions in high sec I have a 1.7billion ISK Maurder and T2/faction fittings. I worry about using it with lots of people in local and am cautious with it when I do mission. 

For Mining missions in null sec I use a 500k + 2m in T2 fittings Venture. I don't worry about losing it as people tend to ignore a Venture as it's not worth that much and is quite hard to catch with the +2 warp core strength bonus.

Average mission in High sec brings in 6000 LP and two to four million ISK whereas a null sec one gives five to six million ISK and 8000 LP. Storyline missions are about the same in rewards (standard implants + big faction standing bonus).

Overall the risk I have to put up with is high sec based, sure I have local and d-scan to watch in null sec but the rules there are, don't know them safe up, whereas high sec is different and the first you know they're bad is when they are shooting you with 20 of their friends in gank catalysts.


One thing I do like about the Mining missions are they are not boring like Security missions, yes they are as repetitive but they are much shorter and don't require you to keep pressing the F keys and locking up targets, in the right order.

This takes the boredom out of missioning, I've done entire days of Security missions and had to take a few days off because I was just over it but with Mining missions I haven't had that. In fact I've actually logged in from work to see what the next mission I'm offered is then decline or delay that depending on if I want to do it.


The null sec missioning is definitely more profitable, I actually cashed in LP for a couple of Low-Grade set of Snake implants and have moved them out of the area ready for selling. Actually one has been offered to another blog writer at a discount because I misread what implants he recently lost (DOH!) but the offer is stil there and I've already started work on getting the implants he does want.

Null Sec missioning is more enjoyable and much more rewarding and I will be getting another two characters up to speed with standings to maximize my income when I do mission. Having the potential to bring in nearly 30,000 LP per character per hour of missioning is certainly worth my investment in skill training and asset acquisition.


  1. You are in a corporation based in NPC null that controls local space?
    Because I considered npc null space but I figured it's not really something for the casual solo player.

  2. "Controls" is not a fully accurate description but is closest to describe it.

    The systems I'm located in are protected by those I mentioned, local politics withstanding, and they do an excellent job of hunting any reds or hostile neutrals that come into these systems.

    A4D do regular gatecamps and catch a lot whereas my alliance roam around but also operate to secure our systems. For the most part we do control the area, there are reds that come into the systems that are left alone (usually known cynos) but I feel safer in these systems than most high sec ones.