Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Screwing my Logistics Chain for a night

Fool Me Once

I ran into an embarrassing situation last night, I had to move a JF full of product from null sec to high sec using my secondary JF character. Only I couldn't because the mid-point cyno toon is on the same account as the JF character, so I spend nearly an hour moving another character twenty or so jumps so he can jump out. Yet I run into the same problem again because where as I used to use the Jump Beacons in Providence for the final jump now I cannot because I don't live there anymore.

Fool Me Twice

I wasted a couple of hours messing around getting a cyno toon, modules and fuel to the right station and then, to compound my stupidity, I didn't have enough fuel in the JF to make the final jump and had to borrow 30m ISK to buy enough fuel to finish the jump.

And of course as I undocked some NA. guy decided to try to bump me off station with a Cynabal... but I eventually made it to high sec and safe'd up in a station whilst I went off and did something else to calm down.

Fixing the Fool

After I logged off last night I spent some time considering my options as my plan is to use a second JF on this run as I have the need for it. Unfortunately 'as-is' I do not have the cyno alts on the right characters to be able to do this.
In order to be able to do it I'll need to repurpose a PI character into a combined PI/cyno toon and make sure they have two jump clones (at least). This will give me the flexibility to have two JF characters active at the same time and allow me to be able to move nearly 700,000m3 at a time from null sec to high sec.
I was going to utilise the PLEX for Training scheme but thinking further the character that the PI toon is currently on doesn't need to be training concurrently as he's just finishing up "nice to have skills" and a 30/60 delay on these won't be an impact for him.


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