Monday, 24 February 2014

On the way to Profit


Well I've moved into my new null sec home, previously I'd just visited but now I live here. Bookmarks have been created around gates and the docking range of the systems only station has been well and truly plotted (it's not a bad station, better than those I use in low sec).
I have a few deep space safes that I was able to get off friends who have been in system longer and a couple are off d-scan to all celestials.

Local Politics

It's been interesting watching Alliance and local intel channels and getting a feel for the politics around the constellation. Former neutral/reds are now light blue but don't have access to our intel channels but we have access to another shared channel with them and we fleet with them a lot for defence or localised roams.
I've gotten to recognise quite a few by name and no longer flee when I see them enter system, of course I don't fully trust them yet but that will change as I join their fleets.


Towers are going nicely, although the "over 1000 ISK" drop in the price of Metamaterials over the past week has not been good. It's cut into my margins rather sharply but to counter this I've added two new towers producing Sylramic Fibres, I could have gone back to Fullerides but I've found the market to be more populated and harder to sell into than Sylramic Fibres.


I've started to populate the local market with a lot of modules and ships, there is competition within station but also from one jump away on a lot of items but aggressive pricing (under cutting by 5%/10%) should see me win business. I've put 1.5billion ISK's worth of modules on the market to see how they go, most are in quantities around 8 to 10 but a few items I know are in demand I've put on in quantities between 20 and 50.
Buy orders aren't good, I've not had a single one filled as of yet and this seems to be the way as most modules have zero buy orders.


I've finally finished my PvE grind in Minmatar space and I cashed in getting six Omega's and two full sets implants of the Low-Grade Nomad implants. These provide a boost to agility so Freighter and Supercarrier pilots do like them. Provisionally profit looks good, the Omega's alone should be nearly 5 billion ISK in profit, add in the full sets and I'm conservatively estimate I'll walk away with 7 billion ISK profit.
This is a nice boost to the wallet and will mean my towers can be fuelled and have all materials needed for the next two months from these monies alone.
Nearby in Curse is a Level 4 Mining agent that I'll be investigating once my standings for them are fixed.  Apparently a single low standing Gas Mining mission will result in over 7000 LP which can be used to purchase some very nice blueprints in the LP Store. 7000 LP is more than I got in high sec on a fully skilled character and instead of spending 45 minutes per mission its only a fraction of that.

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