Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Press coverage of B-R5RB fight

In the day or two following the battle in B-R5RB it was somewhat exciting to see mention of the fight appear on the traditional news websites that I read.

Most of the coverage focused on the $330,000 US figure given for the cost of the lost ships but the stories appeared to be well written and gave a good overview of EVE Online to explain it to people unfamiliar with it.
The gaming press certainly reported the battle and the facts but there wasn't a fervour or even that much enthusiasm for what transpired. Traditional press however was a lot different, focusing on the "perceived" monetary loss over the politics of the game. This is expected, even now nearly four years in EVE Online I have a hard time explaining the politics of the game to someone who is not a player, but money isn't everything and as a result the traditional press coverage was stale and disappointing.
A number of bloggers have done a great job in reviewing the press coverage:
The last one, written by Corelin, does go off on a tangent about the coverage from the "an online gaming 'zine" Massively. I can't agree more with what he wrote, Massively seemed to do nothing more than spout the CCP Press Release in their article and very little else where as at least the (later) AP release(s) tried to report on more than just the monetary loss.
I was very happy to see this in the press and it seems that CCP has received a whole host of new players into the game as a result. Hopefully they're not more alts and actually will be new players who have come to be part of the best MMO.

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