Thursday, 27 February 2014

How Are You?

A friend asked me last night on TeamSpeak how was I and how was life now I'd left Providence.
I answered things were good, lots of things happening, and it was nice and quiet now I'd left Providence. I had a few things to do last night so here's a more expanded version of the answer I gave him:


Last night every single chat channel was quiet and devoid of people. Normally the channels I idle in have between 10 and 20 people in them, last night the most any had was three, four if you include my main and the various alts I logged in at different times.
I expect this type of situation on  Monday night for me, as it's either very early Monday morning in Europe or late Sunday night in later time zones. This is the time most people aren't logged in and it's useful for me as it's a great time to do logistics or move freighters around in areas you normally wouldn't use them.


As it was quiet I used the time last night to send a couple of characters around New Eden to pickup buy orders and collect materials on various characters for consolidation in a single station. I base myself out of one system so it's very useful to have 99% of my assets located here, albeit spread over all my characters.
Two Providences and a Prorator were sent out to collect the assets, in total 146 jumps would need to be made between three characters. Slightly more jumps for the freighters but the Prorator still had to run the gauntlet of low sec for three jumps so it wasn't all popcorn and movies.
It took a little over four hours but every jump was completed, without incident, and I managed to get all the assets back to my staging system. Even managed to reprocess quite a bit of the T1 and meta modules I received into minerals for my production lines.


I have three major projects and one minor, on-going, project on the go at the moment (the names are just for easy remembering):

Project Vixen

Three years of research, asset buying and training have gone into this project. I'm still a month or two away from being able to pass Milestone 3. Milestone 1 was passed just before Christmas 2013 when I was able to finish all the training I needed to and Milestone 2 was completed just after New Year when I managed to get all the ISK together (two investors and a lot of savings/PvE Bounties) to finance the project.

Project Make Stuff

Comprises all my Tower and manufacturing operations, the aim is to provide income for my other projects as well as some passive income (in tax form) for my alliance .

Project LP

I'm in the process of reskilling a Minmatar character to have the best Social skills with the aim of using him to do PvE for LP for corporations/factions that I've identified have high value/profit BPC's available in their LP stores. It's more PvE but instead of grinding for standings this is specifically aimed at getting LP for rewards and something I'll do in batches.

Project Minerals

I'm using buy orders in a lot of new player systems and a few other highly populated mission running ones to purchase salvage (to make rigs) and loot that I can then reprocess into minerals for use in my projects.


I've amassed a nice collection of T1/T2 BPC's and am slowly working out what I will need to produce goods from them. Logically the input materials will have both a high cost and size but profit margins look to be between 10% and 30% depending on the items and where I'll sell them.
Previously I would have sold a large amount in Providence but as I'm now out of there I'm having to look at market hubs but also now I'm in Curse there is a thriving market there that I can move a lot of items via. Time will tell but my aim at the moment is to work through the blueprints I have before I look at selling anything.

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