Monday, 10 February 2014

Leaving In A Freighter (three actually)

It's taken three years but I've finally left Providence.
Recent events, RL changes and the fact when I was in Providence I wasn't doing anything there that contributed to my corporation or alliance has pushed me to do this. It's been a hard decision but one that I needed to do.
I took my towers down and, three full freighters runs later, all my assets are out of Providence and not a single character has anything in the area now. My timing was right for me but I will be missing out on the festivities as Sev3rance celebrates it's seventh year as an alliance.
I wish my former Corporation good luck for the future, it was a great place to be and there were a number of people who made it a great place to be a part of.
But this is no time for nostalgia, the future is coming and I need to work out what I want to do.

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