Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Happy Day

Sunday Morning 23rd February 2014 at 5:37am this happened:

It took 45 days and several times I wanted to change to other skills but I'm glad I didn't listen and kept with this.

Since the first day I got EVEMon and saw carriers I wanted to fly and own an Archon. I achieved that after a year but its the past two I've progressed my skills enough to actually be competent when I needed to fly it into combat again... I can still remember the first, and only time, I took my carrier into battle.

Wavy Lines, Wavy Lines

It was two years ago I first used the Archon, the purpose was to defend a tower and repair it in low sec from some "aggressors". I got myself onto two dreadnought kills and a carrier in the battle, as fun as that was it was a rookie mistake that I made and have kicked myself for ever since.

The mistake, I focused so much on attacking the enemy that I didn't attempt to repair the tower that I was sheltering in and supposed to protect. I wasn't a huge loss and we'd expected to lose the tower but I still laugh at myself now for the stupidity in not locking and putting reps on the tower during the battle.

Name Dropping

Just because "I can", have another look at the battle report and see a couple of famous people there. Corelin of the Mad Haberdasher blog was there in his 'potato'. So was founder/head of Sev3rance FuriousPig and former Lead FC for Sev3rance Disposable Ensign, who now runs an growing Empire in NPC Null. 

I once was in space, in the same system as someone famous. TheMittani who!

Actually it's quite good to see people on the BR that I'm still friends with or have moved into other corporations and I've gotten to know. Great people, good times.

Back to Reality

Well that's my memory moment over, I was smacked back to reality when I added Amarr Dreadnaught V to the skill queue. Not quite as long as Amarr Carrier but still 39 days of training for an extra 5% damage, damage that will be used and needed at some point.

Still could be worse I could be training Amarr Titan...

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