Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Yesterday I participated in the killing of a Rhea in low sec, I was quite happy to be on the kill mail because it's rare I'm online using the right character and able to make it before something dies.

I'm not conflicted about the kill it's the accepting of the 330m ISK I received as a cut of the ransom that wasn't honoured.


I was 20km off the Rhea and it was just in structure when all firing stopped as one person contacted the pilot to organise a ransom. After a minute he said someone needed to write "guarantee" in local to confirm that the ransom would be honoured and three people did (using various spelling of the word, one said he was channelling his inner Frenchman). A 2 billion ISK ransom was paid and then the order to fire was given, which we all did.

Suffice to say the pilot was not polite in local at this and I felt a little uneasy at this, more so after I returned from picking up the wife from work when I found 330m ISK in my wallet.


I like the fact I'm on the kill but I cannot help but feel uneasy at the ransom that wasn't honoured, I didn't write 'guarantee' in local nor did I say in anyway, shape or form that I wouldn't shoot. I was following what was being said by the FC.

But I still feel that I should not accept this ISK but should I return it to the Rhea pilot or to the pool for the pilots that participated in the kill? I just don't know.

Help Me

My valued reader, please help me by commenting on this. Should I return the ISK1 and if so whom should I give it to, the Rhea pilot or my friends who were on the kill?


  1. I wouldn't ask for ransom unless I was planning to honor it. If you return the money it should be to the Rhea pilot.
    I'd say take the guilt and keep the isk. Easier to refuse the money before you have it as returning isk afterwards.

  2. I would not either, but the whole ransom bit was out of my control and done by someone else. I had no input and even if I did I think they'd turn the guns on me afterwards.

    Thanks for the comment though, nice to know someone reads this :)

  3. Send it to the Rhea pilot. Ransoms should be honored or they'll be accepted...