Monday, 6 January 2014

The Trading Alt

marketsforISK is a blog that I do enjoy reading, I'm jealous of their ability and patience for dealing with the market. If only I had 1% of that I'd be space richer...

A post that caught my eye was this one, where croda provides some ideas for people wanting to get into trading along with some real world examples. Props to croda for doing this but his suggestion for making a trading alt is something I cannot +1 enough.

About six months ago I decided I needed a trading alt in order handle my buying and selling. This way I could minimise taxation along with having a single character who had my ISK and goods for sale.


Six months, three PLEX (for dual character training) and three hundred million ISK for skill books later ZGG Business Associate is active and trading.

  • 5.5m SP, with 95% of that in Trade and 0.025% in Neural Enhancement (for jump clones).
  • 3 jump clones, one in Jita, one in Providence and one in Curse.
  • Wealth, including that in the Corporation wallet he controls, of over 70 billion ISK and slowly rising

He is responsible for all my buying and selling in the systems he is in and uses Red Frog Freight to do all moving. I don't think he's left any station since June last year when I created all his jump clones via a Rorqual.

Is it worth it

Yes, definitely. The ability to login to a dedicated character for all my market activities has been so worth the investment. The amount I've saved in taxes over this time has meant he's paid for all his skills and the three PLEX used for training already and it's just gravy now.

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