Thursday, 23 January 2014

CCP discovers Industry focused players, asks for input

In a shock development it appears that CCP has put out a questionnaire regarding Industry and has been asking players to complete it.
The questionnaire isn't very long nor is it very detailed but it is a start. You have the usual demographic questions then it leads into questions about what type of industrial actions do you do, how many characters do you have and how many of these do industrial work.
I've completed the survey, once for each of my industrial accounts, and I'm positive towards the fact that CCP are doing this. The recent CSM Minutes saw an acknowledgement that manufacturing produces the most value within the game and this brief survey is a start towards overhauling the system.
Industrialists I've spoken to know that any changes will not be fast and will be over several game expansion, we may get the dedicated "industry expansion" but this will also see a lot of smaller additions over time too.
Certainly the user interface for industry needs work but so do the underlying aspects that tie together different industrial actions (i.e. Moon Goo, Mining, Manufacturing etc..).
I certainly would like to see more ability to make semi-automated production lines that continuously produce when inputs are available without me having to be in the same system/constellation/region or have all the required inputs ready for a run.
An Alliance Marketplace is something too I'd really like to see to allow me control over whom I sell too in null sec regions as well as who I buy from.
But... this is a start, CCP are gathering feedback to help determine requirements. This can only be a good thing.

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